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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Herb Magic: Dandelion Root

Taraxacum officinale 

Dandelion Plant
"Dandelion" is French for "tooth of the lion" owning to the shape of the roots. In the Hoodoo tradition it is used to develop the gift of second sight and to make wishes come to pass. 

According to my grandmother, you can tell what time it is by blowing on a dandelion and then counting the number of seeds that remain attached. 

The root of the dandelion may be harvested in the summer months when they typically bloom but some folks prefer to do harvest them in the month of August when the Sun in in the sign of Leo (the Lion). To harvest the root, I usually take a long screwdriver and drive it into the ground on four sides of the plant to loosen the dirt around the root. If the ground is particularly hard I may pour water around the roots to soften the dirt. I then firmly take hold of the root and slowly pull it from the earth. The leaves are removed and the root is set aside to dry.

Dried dandelion root may be chopped up and made into a tea which is drunk three times a week to develop and nurture the gifts of dreaming true and/or second sight. In addition, the root of the dandelion may be used as a pendulum in a similar manner to Queen Elizabeth root.  In fact, I have a jack ball that contains a whole dried-dandelion root at the center along with two black-eyed peas (eyes to see) and a cowrie shell (a mouth with which to speak). I operate the jack ball like a pendulum and anoint it with Psychic Vision Oil once a week. 

In addition, whenever I have a specific question I wish to answer through my dreams, I place the jack-ball in a blue mojo bag along with my question written on a piece of paper. The paper may be anointed in the four corners and center with Psychic Vision oil as well. The mojo is then placed under my pillow where it remains until I get a dream which I believe addresses my question at which time the paper is removed from the mojo bag and burned.

Finally, dried-dandelion root may be included in a mojo bag along with other wish-granting herbs, roots, and/or curios such as job's tears or mojo beans as well as one's petition or prayer written on paper and dressed with a condition oil to make your wish come to pass.


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