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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Divine Retribution Spell

This spell is designed to avenge yourself against someone who has hurt, slandered, or otherwise offended you in some way. Remember, in order for a spell such as this to succeed it must be justified. It is vitally important to perform a divination before doing such a spell to determine if it is or is not justified; and to cleanse yourself with a spiritual bath afterward.

To perform this spell you will need:
  • Taper Candle
  • 3 Votive Candle
  • Two Photos of the Person
  • Two Mirrors
  • Reversing Oil
  • Revenge Oil

Working the Root: Begin by bringing the two photos back to back so that they face outward. Next, place these photos between the two mirrors facing in and lay the mirrors flat on your altar or work space. In this way no matter which way the person turns their evil will come back to them. Surround the mirrors on three sides with the votive candle so that they form up upside down triangle (because you want to bring this person down).

Anoint the votive-candles with reversing oil. Mark the person’s name on the taper and anoint it with revenge oil. Place the taper in a holder and place this on top of the mirrors. Light the three votives saying the following:

“In the name of God the father (light first candle), God the son (light second candle), and God the Holy Spirit (light the third candle)……(light the taper candle and continue saying) I call upon the spirit of divine retribution to punish (Name) for his/her sin against me so that s/he suffers three times the pain and suffering that s/he has caused me. So may she suffer until such time as s/he comes to me  on her hands and knees begging my forgiveness. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.” 

You may change the wording of your petition to suit your needs as desired.

Let the candles burn down and you’re done!

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