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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dream Diary: A Rite for Money and Luck

I was at my old house on 56 Poplar St, sweeping my front porch. I was approached by an Asian man wearing a beige sports jacket, jeans, and sneakers. He was taller than the average Asian male and had short hair he wore combed straight back but which was slightly curly on top.

I cannot remember what he wanted or what all we talked about but I clearly recall him telling me that his grandmother used to bury coins, broom-straws, and coco powder near the front door for money and luck.---July 26th, 6:08 am

While I had time to do this when I got home on Friday evening, I felt that something like this should be done early in the morning rather than in the evening; as it is my habit to do magic to draw things to me in the morning at or near sunrise, and magic to move things away from me in the evening near sundown. So, the following morning I got up and collected some broom-straws from my household broom, a coin in each denomination, and substituted cinnamon-sugar for the cocoa powder as I had none.

In order to analyze this rite, I began to think about the individual uses of these items in the practice of magic and Hoodoo. My first thought was that Asian + Broom Straws = Chinese Wash ( a product used for spiritual house cleansing) and that in and of itself  may be something to explore as well. However, I continued to research and discovered that broom-straw is used to drive off evil (people and spirits), to uncross yourself (via a bath), and to ward off the hag that rides you.

I could find no magical tradition that used cocoa in any form of its magic except for its use in Mayan culture where it is known as “the food of the Gods”. It is used to make chocolate cakes, pies, and chocolate drinks; and the coins obviously represent money.

So, symbolically speaking it seems the purpose of this spell is to lure money to you via the sweetness of the cocoa while the broom drives off any evil people or spirits that may also be drawn to the cocoa as well. Alternately, the cocoa may represent an offering to helpful Gods, spirits, energies that would look kind upon the home and bless it with wealth and luck in return for having laid out the offering of cocoa. 


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