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Monday, August 19, 2013

Come to Me Candle Spell

At one point in my life I was friend's with a prostitute who also happened to be a witch. She taught me a great deal about sex-magic including a number of spells and rites to call a lover to you, to seduce a man, and to drive away a love. Today, I would like to share one of my favorite spells for calling your lover to you. 

Since this spell was given to me by a straight-female and I am a gay-male it is designed to call a male-love to you; however, with a few adjustments it can be tailored to draw a female lover. 

To cast this spell you will need:

  • Penis Candle (Substitute a Red Candle, if needed) 
  • Seal of Venus
  • Haitian Love Oil 
  • Mirror 
  • Red Pen 

Working the Root: Create a blank Square of Venus beforehand by drawing a large square divided into 7 columns and 7 rows for a total of 49 squares(see image above). Lightly draw the numbers in each square using a pencil. Begin the working by taking a red pen and drawing the numbers in the Square of Venus. As you do this focus on your desire to have your lover come to you. When you are done, anoint the four-corners and center of the square with Haitian Love Oil. Fold the paper towards you three times, rotating it clockwise between each fold saying:

"With God's blessings, as I fold this paper towards me so may (name) come to me now. In Jesus name. Amen."

Mark the red candle with the the name of your lover. Place some Haitian Lover oil on your fingertip and holding the candle in the palm of one hand stroke the candle towards yourself with the oil saying:

"With God's blessings, as I stroke this candle towards myself so may (name) come to me now. In Jesus name. Amen."

Set the candle in a holder with your petition underneath. Place the candle in front of a mirror and then sexually stimulate yourself by masturbating to orgasm thinking of your lover and calling him to you. When you have reached orgasm, go to your front door and anoint your outside doorknob with your sexual fluids by marking it with an "X" and saying: 

"(Name), in the name of Jesus, I command you to come to me at once!". 

Next, go to your bed and anoint your four bedposts with your sexual fluids by marking them with an "X" and saying at each one: 

"(Name), in the name of Jesus, I command you to come to me at once!".

Let the candle burn down to nothing and inspect the remains for signs of success or failure of your work.


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