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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Herb Magic: High John the Conqueror Root

 Ipomoea jalapa

John the Conqueror Root, aka High John the Conqueror, gets its name from an African-American folk-hero of the same name. There are many tales concerning John the Conqueror but most agree that he was an African Prince who was brought to the Americans by the slave trade. He is known as a type of trickster-spirit due to his ability to always outwit his master. 

It is said that John the Conqueror returned to Africa but left a portion of his power and spirit in the John the Conqueror Root which can be carried to summon his power and spirit by the faithful in their time of need. 

The root itself has a pleasant aroma and, when dried, resembles the testicles of an adult male.  For this reason it is associated with abundance, especially in the realm of personal power, sexual nature, and finances; however its uses are not limited to these areas. Large roots are carried as pocket pieces along with one's change to attract money or increase one's nature. Smaller roots may be carried in mojo-bags or jack-balls, while the chips and powdered form of the root may be used in the production of High John the Conqueror Root Oil. 

As part of my Yearly / Monthly road opening ritual (performed at the New Year and at each New Moon) I take a road-opening bath that included a large High John the Conqueror Root that has been placed in a white muslin bag along with five finger grass. The root is saved and allowed to dry again in a special box. I periodically carry the root in my pocket and/or rub it on my body (similiar to an egg cleansing rite) towards myself calling upon the strength of High John to empower me. I also place a tiny pinch of five-finger grass in my each of my shoes to lead me to success on my journey. 

Prayer to High John the Conqueror 

To be said while holding a whole High John the Conqueror Root.

"Spirit of High John I draw upon your strength and make it my own. Fortify me in mind body and spirit so that I may conquer that which seeks to conquer me. In Jesus name amen."


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