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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mailbag Monday: Fortune Hunter

Dear Carolina Dean, 

I have some dried semen of a multi-millionaire who happens to own several car dealerships and major real estate holdings in Texas. How would I use his dried semen in magic to benefit me financially? I don't want to do love magic on him because I'm not interested in a sexual or romantic relationship with him.


Self-Made Manon

Hi Manon,

Thanks for your question. This may be a little outside the [magic] box but here is my suggestion. Make a little doll of this man and include his personal concerns. Likewise make a doll of yourself as well. You will also stuff them with money drawing herbs (cinnamon, irish moss, chamomile, etc...) and anoint them with money drawing oil

Ritually "marry" the dolls and bind them together. I am not saying marry them in the romantic sense but rather in the "partnership" or "business sense". You know how Royal families used to marry one another to consolidate their power?

You may even dress the two dolls up like royalty with a little crown on each of their heads (for success) and include King Solomon Root in his doll and Jezebel Root in yours (folks forget she was a Queen too). As you bind the dolls together you may say something like:

"With God's blessings, all the good luck and money drawing power that (N) has is now mine! As fortune smiles on him, so now does it smile on me; as money flows to him, so now does it flow to me. As all his endeavors prospers, so now will all my works be crowned with success. In Jesus name, amen."

Then wrap the dolls up in a nice cloth and hide them away somewhere safe.


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