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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Seal of Soothing: A Charm for Healing What Ails You

I have been sick for a little more than a week after having caught a head cold from my office mate. The first few days were horrible,  and then I recalled that the last time I was sick I had made use of the Abracadabra-Charm to help me get better with fantastic results.

While today when many folks hear the word abracadabra, they think it is a non-nonsensical word used by cartoon magicians that produces any number of effects. However, the use of the word abracadabra in real-time magic has a long history which centers around the healing on the physical body and protecting one from diseases.

The word itself has been dissected over and over again and several folks have attempted to ascribe meaning to it. Some believe that it means "I create as I speak" while other believe it means something along the lines of "disappear like this word". Traditionally, the word abracadabra is written on a piece of paper several times in such as way that it forms a triangle with one or more letters being dropped each time it is written.  It is then worn on a string about the neck or tucked in one's pillow to gradually draw out any dis-ease and bring about healing. 

I created the image above which I call the Seal of Soothing and which incorporates the abracadabra-charm along with the Wand of Mercury (itself associated with the medical profession and therefore healing). Such a seal may be printed on paper and one's petition written on the reverse. It can then be glued to a vigil light loaded with healing herbs and curios, placed under a free-standing candle, tucked in a mojo-bag, or even a doll baby designed for healing.

Alternately, it may be worn on a piece of string against the body or placed under your pillow at night to draw out disease after which it is burned in fire and its ashes scattered to the wind or a nearby crossroads. 


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