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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Observing Vigil Lights

After publishing my last blog entry, I received a number of requests about the process of observing vigil lights and writing candle-burn reports. So today, I thought I would share my own process. 

First, I would like to say that I personally regard the setting a lights as a journey. The journey begins when you first light the candle and ends when the candle is the candle burns it leaves evidence of the journey along the glass in the form of wax remains, plant matter, soot, cracks, etc.....The appearance of such signs and omens often have a direct connection the person for whom the candle is set, their emotions, and / or events surrounding them.

I begin with a Blank Vigil Light Observation Worksheet. Beforehand, I fill in the clients name or  ID number and mark the wax-level on the diagram. Once the setting-of-lights has been completed I make note of the date, time, and moon phase that the work was begun as well as any additional information that may be relevant to the working.

I check the candle at approximately the same time each day making note of the day, date, time, etc....marking the wax-level and any signs or other omens I may observe. For example, did the moon go void-of-course during the day. If so, what time? Did any marking appear on the candle during this time, etc....?
If the client has been in communication with me during the process of their candle burning, I make note of any information they shared and compare this to the candle. For example. I recently noticed that on the third day of a candle burn a blackish soot began to appear on the glass around 7 pm. The following day, the client emailed me and shared that she had had an argument with her boyfriend around that time.

When the candle is spent, I make note of the overall condition of the glass. I examine it for residual wax or plant matter clinging to the glass, soot, residue, or even breaks in the glass. When examining a vigil-light I often get psychic impressions about the work that have nothing to do with the anything I physically see in or on the glass. In some cases, I may pull one or two tarot-cards for clarification. I then take all this information into account and write a Candle Burn Report. The client is emailed the candle-burn report and a copy of that and the observation worksheet is retained in his or her client file.



Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sample Candle Burn Report

Setting Lights

Setting Lights is just another service offered by Rev. Carolina Dean. The setting of lights entails the burning of a fixed Vigil-Candle on top of a client’s petition for a period of 7 to 9 days, however long it takes for a candle to burn down.

When you engage me to set lights for you, I will ritually prepare a Vigil Light in accordance with traditional techniques and for your specific issue, condition, or situation. Once it burns down you will receive one photo taken after the candle has burned completely down. In addition, you will also receive a follow-up candle burn report.


Date Started: Saturday, 10/19/2013

Date Ended:   Friday, 10/25/13                        

Moon Phase:  Waning           

Moon Sign:     Taurus (Money Matters)                    

Time:              6:30 am                       

Goal:               To draw money to the client.


The moon was on the decrease, so the focus on the work was that "money flows as the moon goes".   The only remains were some plant matter clinging to the inside of the glass near the top and appeared on the second day of the burning.  What that tells me is that something happened on Sunday the 20th that represents some lingering unfinished business that needs to be dealt with.

The inside of the entire glass is covered in a whitish residue. What this tells me is that there remains some obstacle that prevent the free flow of money to the client. However, I believe that these obstacles are of a natural nature and not the work of any evil force such as another spiritual worker or even a self-induced jinx.

My recommendation is that this work be followed up with a Road-Opening bath as well as a Road-Opening Candle that includes some money-drawing roots and oils. 


Carolina Dean

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Break Up Bottle Spell

Bottle-spells are a versatile type of magic which can be adapted to virtually any purpose. Everything placed inside the bottle as well as the bottle itself will speak to the nature of the work being done. They may be plain or decorated as in the Peaceful Home Jar (at left) which has been decorated with verses from the Holy Bible.

Break-Up Bottles are used to bring about the end of a person's relationship. Although they are commonly used on romantic or married couples, I have known folks to employ these types of spells to break-up friends and even business partners!

Timing the Spell

This spell should be begun the first night after the full moon and for 8 days thereafter for a total of nine days.

Working the Root

To perform this working you will need the following items:

  • Bottle
  • Personal Concerns
  • Pen and Paper
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Sulfur  
  • 9 Pins
  • 9 Needles
  • Bark from a Dogwood Tree
  • Catnip

Take your paper and fold it in half with a line down the middle. On the left side of the line write the name of one person nine times. On the right side of the line, write the name of the second person also nine times. When you are done, tear the names apart down the middle and say:

“With God’s blessing, as I tear these names apart in like fashion so may the bond between [N] and [N] be torn asunder”

Continue by pinning the names back to back and then folding the papers away from you several times saying:

“…may they turn from one another in anger, and hatred...”

Place the paper in the bottle in which you have place the cayenne pepper, sulfur, pins and needles and say:

“…may their every encounter erupt into heated arguments to that they bark and nip at each other like cats and dogs. May one’s thoughts of the other be like unto a pin piercing their brain and causing them pain and suffering unlike any other. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Seal the jar and using your own spittle draw a large X on the lid. Finally, shake the jar and pray

“As surely as Moses killed the Egyptian, in like fashion may the love and devotion between [N] and [N] be killed by the power of this root. As the staff of Moses swallowed up those of his enemies, so may the serpent of contempt consume them with anger and hatred for one another. As Moses separated the waters and led his people out of Egypt so may [N] and [N] now be separated and lead away from one another. As the Jews wandered in the desert and never found the Promised Land, so may these two wander away from one another never to meet again. In Jesus name. Amen.”

The following night and each night thereafter for a total of nine nights, you will take your jar and shake it violently reciting the “Moses” prayer above. On the final night, dispose of the bottle by tossing it in either running water or the middle of a crossroads. 


Monday, October 14, 2013

Sex-Magic, Sigils, & Social Media Oh My!

In a previous entry I gave an overview of sigils and described a unique method of creating them. Today, I would like to share a method of using sigils to attract a romantic or sexual partner. This method is specifically for those individuals who use dating sites such as Craigslist or to meet prospective dates, however, it can be adapted for use by those who prefer to meet a prospective partner at a social event.

Placing Your Ad & Creating Your Sigil 

The process pre-supposes that you either already have a personal ad online or will be creating one. To begin, you are going to create a sigil to attract what you want by using whatever methods you deem appropriate. For the purposes of this blog, let's use the example of a man who wishes to attract a casual sexual partner. To make this as simple as possible I am going to use the same language often found in personal ads.

S W M I S O F W B 

Here, our acronym stands for "Single White Male in Search of Friend with Benefits". Now, using one of the aforementioned methods of sigil creation I create the following sigil. 

Now what you will do is take your sigil and using a program such as or photoshop and hide this sigil behind your photo using a process called layering. 

The result will be your photo with the sigil hidden behind it which will invisibly help to attract your partner to you.

Backing Up the Work

To take this process a step further, you might want to print your sigil on a square of paper. On the back of the paper you can write a brief description of what you desire, then turn this 1/4 turn and write your name over this description nine times.

Next, anoint the four corners and center of the sigil with an appropriate oil such as Adam and Evil Oil, if you are straight or Lavender Lust Drops is you are gay. Fold the paper around one of your hairs and smoke it in incense while making your prayer or petition and set it aside.

Mark a red candle with your name and anoint it with your chosen oil. Stroke the candle towards yourself saying something such as:

With God’s blessings, may my lover come to me now as quickly as possible. May he yearn for me as hard as, or harder than, I yearn for him. May he want me as I want him; need me as I need him; desire me as I desire him. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Place your sigil under the candle and set it to burn. 

Dating in Real Time 

Let's say that you're old-fashioned and you'd prefer to meet your partner in a social setting such as a bar, club, or concert. In this case, simply create your sigil as before and perform the candle-rite portion of this working. However, you will set your candle to burn while you are out-of-the-house and actively searching for a date or sexual partner. In addition, you will also anoint yourself with your chosen oil (some folks even find it helpful to add a bit of their sexual fluids to their oil). 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bonfires Behind Bars: The True Story of My Involvement in Pagan Prison Ministry

What is a Pagan Prison Ministry?

Some people may find it odd that Pagans would have a Prison Ministry Program for several reasons. Such as:
  • Generally speaking, Pagans do not proselytize. 
  • Pagans/Wiccans/Witches are, for the most part solitary
  • Covens are often close knit groups who keep to themselves.
While it is true that Pagans do not generally seek to convert others to their system of belief they do, however, welcome seekers trying to find their way along their own spiritual path. Therefore, the goal of any Pagan Prison Ministry program is not to convert others to Paganism, but rather to minister to those who are seeking an alternative viewpoint when it comes to their spirituality as well as those who already identify as Wiccan, Witch, or Pagan. 
There have always been solitary-witches, just like there are Christians who do not attend church on a regular basis. However, that does not preclude such  individuals from taking an active interest in their community and to volunteer in social programs to help make the world a better place. I, myself, was a solitary-eclectic Wiccan who practiced in secret before I became involved in the Pagan Prison Ministry. 

Yes. There are many covens made up of close-knit individuals who tend to keep to themselves. However, there are also those covens that actively seek to get involved in improving their community with Pagan Food Banks, Homeless Outreach, Veteran's Assistance, and Pagan Prison Ministry Programs. Unfortunately, due to misconceptions about Witches and Witchcraft in our society these programs are typically funded 100% by the volunteers themselves.

Why Do Pagans Need a Prison Ministry?

Within most Departments of Corrections (DOC) there are Chaplains assigned to one or more facilities through the Pastoral Services Branch (or some similar name) who minister to the religious needs of the inmates. In most, if not all, cases these Chaplains are Christian and are not trained in alternative religions such as Wicca, Islam, Buddhism, Native American Shamanism, etc.... In fact, their religion teaches that these other religions are wrong and so they will not assist inmates who are not Christian. Therefore, many facilities rely on volunteers to minister to the needs of inmates who identify as something other than Christian.   In some rare cases you will find Chaplains that will welcome and support you, but in most cases (in my experience)  you find opposition from Chaplains who simply do not want you to be there.

Being a volunteer is a huge responsibility. The state invest time and money in doing your background check, training you, and qualifying you. In many cases, if a volunteer is not present and the Chaplain is either unwilling or unable to stand in for the volunteer then the inmates are not allowed to have their scheduled class or ritual. So it is very important a volunteer has reliable transportation to get to the facilities on a regular basis (which may be several hundred miles away in some cases), and who can take on the expense of paying for their own travel, provide their own training materials, and even meals for Sabbats and Esbats. 

How I Became Involved in a Pagan Prison Ministry 

In the early 2000's, I was still living in my hometown of Great Falls, SC and had been studying and practicing Wicca for approximately eight years. I made no secret about my beliefs or practices and folks found their way to me for tarot readings through word of mouth but, for the most part, my broomstick flew under the radar. The week of Halloween in 2000 or 2001, my local news station did a series of interviews with local figures in some way connected to Halloween and/or the occult and metaphysics. One night they interviewed the Shaman for the Catawba Indian Nation; the next night they did an interview with a self-described witch who, to my surprise, lived in my town. Her name was Darla Kaye Wynne and she had just moved to Great Falls from Alaska. I watched the interview, liked what she had to say, and figured in a small town like mine I'd eventually run into her. Little did I know how soon that would happen.

A couple of weeks later I was cooking in my kitchen when I looked out of my window and saw what I could only describe as an "ugly pigeon" on a tree branch outside my window. The following day I was standing at my mailbox when Darla came walking down the street. It seems that one of her African Greys had flown out of the house and she was trying to find him again. I recalled having seen the "ugly pigeon" the previous day and it turned out that that was her pet African Grey. Darla noticed my pentagram and we began talking about witchcraft. She introduced herself as the Assistant National Director of W.A.R.D (Witches Against Religious Discrimination) and asked me about joining. I gave her permission to camp out in my backyard to look for her bird, which she did eventually find and retrieve.

A few days later, Darla stopped by my house to drop off some informational packets about WARD and mentioned that she couldn't stay because she had to get home and rip up some old sheets she had to make charm-bags for her group.  At the time, I was working in a textile mill and had access to scraps of cloth and, without even thinking, I volunteered to provide her with cloth so she didn't have to rip up her sheets. The following day Darla came to my house to collect the cloth I had secured and we traded tarot readings. She was the first other witch that I had met and I was proud to show off my collection of witchy things including my years long project of compiling the most comprehensive Book of Shadows (BOS) I could fit into one large binder. 

Darla was impressed with my BOS and asked if I would be interested in teaching a class on making your own BOS with her students. I was reluctant but excited about meeting other witches and getting involved in the craft community. And then she explained that her students were inmates participating in WARD's Pagan Prison Ministry Program. I told her I'd have to think about it. Before she left, she asked me to write a paragraph about myself to share with her group so they knew who provided them with the cloth for their charm bags. A week or so later I started getting all these letters from Foothills Correctional in North Carolina. They were all from members of Darla's group thanking me for cloth I had given them. I wrote back to a few of them and after having gotten to know a few who continued to write I decided to go teach a class on the BOS.

Early Challenges: Banned for Teaching Homosexuality?

The day arrived and Darla and I traveled to the Foothills Correctional Facility so that I could meet the students and give my Book of Shadows workshop. Though I was nervous at first, my apprehension went away when I met the group and found them to be very warm and welcoming towards me. In addition to Darla, myself, and the group an assistant Chaplain was in attendance to supervise.  

After the workshop there was a question and answer period and some of the guys asked me about how I reconciled my sexuality with my spirituality specifically in regard to love spells. See, some of these students were Gardenerian and held to the belief that homosexuals could not be a part of the craft. I explained that while I have respect for  Gerald Gardner for his part in making Wicca more prominent and accessible to the general public that he was, however, a product of his generation who incorporated his own personal prejudices into his practices. (See the Ardanes). The group seemed satisfied with my answer and I didn't think anything else about it. 

I applied to become a regular part-time volunteer and while my application was being processed I continued to correspond with several members of the group. One student in particular began asking me very personal questions and I got the sense that he was struggling with his own sexuality. It was almost as if he were offering himself to me in exchange for being my friend and teaching him. I responded to him in a direct manner, mirroring his own language, hoping to boost his confidence saying:

"I think you have a lot going for you. You are smart, intelligent, artistic and handsome. I am not saying this because I want to suck your c*ck, but because I believe in you as a person."

Some would read this and think that that was a strong statement, but when placed into context it takes away from the belief that I was attempting to seduce this person. The facility reads all incoming and outgoing mail to and from inmates and my letter found its way to the Chaplains office. Subsequently my application to become a part-time volunteer was denied on the basis that I was teaching and promoting homosexuality to the inmates. I was put on probation and banned from visiting the facility again for one year. After a lot of thought, I decided not to return. Instead I became the Director of Communication for the Pagan Prison Ministry Program. In that capacity I corresponded with as many as 30 inmates at a time (at my own expense) teaching via snail mail, providing training material, answering questions, and just generally being a friend to a lot of young men who society and their own families had given up on.

The Wiccan Study Handbook 

In early 2002 an incarcerated Wiccan was threatening to sue the State of South Carolina because he was not able to practice his religion. Due to her status as an expert in this area, Darla was contacted to help reach a compromise and prevent a costly trial. It was decided that Darla, myself, and other members of WARD would write an official "Wiccan Study Handbook" which would be used to teach a Wicca 101 course at various facilities within and throughout South Carolina and which would allow those inmates who identified as Wiccan/Witch/Pagan to practice their religion. 

Writing the handbook was a months long process but it was very rewarding as it allowed me to discover myself as a writer. Darla was one of the earliest people to recognize and encourage my talent. After the publication of the handbook, Darla and I began traveling all over South Carolina teaching the course at various facilities. Again, there were challenges in the form of Chaplains who simply did not want us to be there. In on instance while being given a tour of one facility a Chaplain led Darla and myself into what we believed was an empty pod (a unit made up of several cells on three floors where inmates are housed) only to find that it was filled with around 50 inmates (some of who were showering in plain sight). 

In other cases, we met a Chaplain who identified as a Christian Witch who was excited about us being there and even participated in our classes and rituals. There were also a few instances in which Correctional Officers (never call them guards) who identified as Wiccan/Witch/Pagan sat in on our classes or approached us discretely to give us their support or ask to be trained themselves. However, no matter where we went there was one constant. The students were always welcoming and appreciative of our visits. We were not always supervised when we came in to teach. There were occasions when we were locked in a class alone with the inmates. These were often murderers, rapist, and violent criminals---but I always felt completely safe. In one instance when I had traveled to a facility alone to teach a class, a new student attempted to challenge and physically initiate me only to be restrained by the others in the room. 

Parting of the Ways

Darla was a very good friend to me in a lot of ways. She taught me a lot about myself and my craft, she recognized and encouraged my talent for writing and for that I will always be grateful. However, our friendship was not without its problems. She always seemed to be involved in some controversy. She became involved in local politics and began attending town council meetings and I often tagged along even though it was something I was completely uninterested in. Darla eventually went on to sue the Town of Great Falls for praying to Jesus prior to town council meetings. We appeared in interviews together.  I even testified at the trial and she later published my deposition online

There are several accounts in the news archives where Darla's house was vandalized, her home was broken into and animals killed, and her tires were slashed.  Darla was an outsider, but for me it was different. I grew up in Great Falls. I had friends and family who lived there for generations. My involvement with her and the trial caused a strain between me and my family.  My car was vandalized as well. My mother worked the graveyard shift at a gas station just off the highway and I feared for her safety. Darla, the idealist, couldn't understand my concerns. In her mind she was standing up for the little guy and refused to back down. Our friendship became very strained and eventually she and I parted way. With our friendship over, I stopped volunteering with the SCDOC. 

In 2005 I left Great Falls and settled in Oak Harbor WA. It was here that I found my voice and my audience as a writer sharing my thoughts and experiences as Wiccan and later as a Two-Headed Doctor in the Southern Folk Magic Tradtion. In 2006 the Wiccan Study Handbook was revised and all referenced to myself and other members of WARD as co-authors was removed. As far as I know, Darla is still involved in the Pagan Prison Ministry as well as active in local politics.


On the whole, my experiences working in the Pagan Prison Ministry were positive and enriching. I learned a lot about myself, my craft, and got to know many interesting individuals. Such programs are necessary because those Chaplains ministering to Pagan Prisoners are often un-trained in the beliefs and practices of Paganism or unwilling to learn themselves. Many incarcerated Wiccans/Witches/Pagans depend on the kindness of like-minded volunteers to help enable them to learn, practice, and grow in their chosen religion. The person who wished to volunteer in the Pagan Prison Ministry should be prepared to sacrifice a portion of the time, income, and materials to help those who cannot provide for themselves. 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mary Ingleman: The First Witch of Winnsboro South Carolina

Note: Having been born in Lancaster and raised in Great Falls, South Carolina this article was of great interest to me and I thought I would share it with you all as well.

The First Witch of Winnsboro, S.C.

Mary Ingelman, the First Witch of Winnsboro, S.C. Describes the illegal trial where a lady named Mary Ingelman was accused, found guilty and tortured for being a witch in 1792 in Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA.

From the site:
The Salem witch trials were not the last of its kind to be held in North America. In 1999 I visited the history museum in Fairfield County, South Carolina and was shown some news paper articles and one article from FATE  magazine that all referenced a manuscript written before 1854 by Mr.  Philip Edward Pearson. It talks about an  illegal trial where a lady named Mary Ingelman was accused, found guilty and tortured for being a witch in 1792 in my county. I had always thought that in America there were no other witch trials after 1692. Now I wonder how many other "witch" trials have been held in our country, hidden away and not talked about.

Mr. Pearson practiced law in South Carolina and had served for many years as the Solicitor of the South Carolina Middle Circuit which included Fairfield County. He later moved to Metagorda Texas, but not beforeselling his manuscript, History of Fairfield County, South Carolinato a Dr. John H. Logan. The manuscript ended up in Mr. Lyman C. Draper's historical source-material collections which is now in the library of the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, Wisconsin.

In the year of 1792 in Fairfield County there were many strange things happening to the people that lived there. At that time, in a neighboring county, a group called the Gifted Brethren were broken up for practicing hypnosis and mis teaching the trinity of the Christian church. One of its founders was tried in Charleston S.C. for heresy and found guilty and hanged. Also in 1792 many cattle got sick and people began to act possessed.

Four people were accused of witchcraft, including Mary Ingelman. She was accused by Rosy Henley for putting a spell on her and her sister. Both Henley and her sister were reported to have been levitating and could not be held down "by the utmost exertions of four strong men." Another accused person was Mr. Joe Fairs of Lower Fairfield County who supposedly afflicted Drury Walker's two children in a similar way.

Mary Ingelman was also accused by her son from a previous marriage, Adam Free, for causing one of his cows to spring up into the air and fall down and break its neck. Adam Free's son, Jacob also testified that Mary Ingelman turned him into a horse. A second person also accused her of turning him into a horse and rode him to a "grand convention of witches" where the devil complimented Mary Ingelman on her horse. She replied "Ah,...This is that rascal Collins!"

The four accused individuals were taken from their homes to Mr. Thomas Hill's farm 5 miles south of Winnsboro. Mr. Hill was chosen as the "judge" in this illegal trial. The "sheriff" and "executioner" was a poor man by the name of Mr. John Crossland. The only evidence presented were the depositions of the people who claimed they were afflicted. The accused offered no defense. They were found guilty and tied to the building's joists and were  flogged severally. Then their feet were held "to a bark fire and  confined there until the soles popped off." After this hideous torture they were let go. But Mary Ingelman did not get far from the Hill's farm before she was assaulted yet again by a man who threw her down and put a pine log across her neck. She was saved the next day by a kind person who came across her on the path.

Mary Ingelman was the only one to get a judge, Rev. William Yongue, to issue a warrant for the arrest of Mr. John Crossland who was tried and found guilty of aggravated assault and fined five pounds.He never paid thefine and left the county after his trial.

From the manuscript Mr. Pearson described Mary Ingelman as a "neat, tidy and descent old lady." She was born in Germany and was knowledgeable in pharmacy and "her application of simples in the cure of country complaints was the result of much observation and gratuitous practice...."

In the archives of the History Museum of Winnsboro are some photos of Mary Ingelman's house taken before it was torn down in the early 1970's. On the side of the chimney was a rune which are commonly found on many traditional buildings in Northern Europe. One of the reasons runes are placed on houses is for protection. The rune on Mary Ingelman's chimney was a diamond shaped rune which is the Germanic traditional version of the rune Ingwaz. This is the rune of fertility, good fortune and creative power. Inguz is the name of a Fertility God and God of fire and is the guardian of the hearth fire. Also the word "inglenook", which is Scottish in origin, means chimney corner. Also note the similarity between the Mary's last name and the rune's name.

Mary Ingelman very well may have been a Christian of German decent who came to America for religious freedom, like the women of Salem Massachusetts in 1692. From the rune on her home and the description of her being an herbalist and healer there is no doubt she was knowledgeable in some old way like many of our ancestors were that came to America. They brought with them their stories, folklore, traditions and healing crafts which have slowly been dying out over the last 200 years. With the revival of Paganism in the US many new generations of Witches and Wiccans are either rediscovering their Pagan roots or are lucky enough to have been passed on the healing arts from their parents, Grandparents, or Great

Source: Fairfield Genealogical Society Newsletter

Carolina Dean

Sunday, October 6, 2013

MIPC: How to Make the Sky Rain Coconuts

with Pinpoint Accuracy

Preliminary: MIPC stands for Magic in Popular Culture and represents a series of blog post in which I take a spell, ritual, belief, trick, etc...from a work of fiction such as television shows, movies, books, comic books, etc.. and analyze against real world magical theroy and practice. 

The Spell: Beach Scene, Supergirl (1984) 


Historical records are littered with accounts of mundane objects inexplicably falling from the sky. Some of these objects include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • stones
  • rocks
  • coins
  • crucifixes
  • fish
  • frogs

Curiously, in these instances there seems to be a lack of variety of falling objects when this phenomenon presents itself. For example, when stones falls from the sky there will be an absence of any other kind of matter (frogs, fish, coins, etc…) ;when fish fall from the sky there won’t be any stones.

Before the seventeenth century such incidences were thought to be the work of witches in league with the devil. Many renowned scientist of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries investigated reports of stones dropping out of the sky. They touched them, probed them and examined witnesses to their fall, but could not face the implications of the evidence.

One theory suggests that such stones are actually meteorites, but this has been disproved in many cases. Other theories suggest that storm and/or tornadoes are responsible for picking up small animals and hurling them through the skies to their death below.  In the modern era, some have theorized that these falling objects are a result of our dimensional reality intersecting with other parallels realms. While many theories have been put forth, no conclusive answer has been forthcoming.

If I were to attempt to duplicate this spell (and I honestly don't know why I would), I would make a doll-baby of the individual  that included his or her personal concerns and then subject the doll to the same kind of treatment I wanted the person to experience. In this case, I would summon all my anger and hatred for this person and beat the doll with a coconut.