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Sunday, October 6, 2013

MIPC: How to Make the Sky Rain Coconuts

with Pinpoint Accuracy

Preliminary: MIPC stands for Magic in Popular Culture and represents a series of blog post in which I take a spell, ritual, belief, trick, etc...from a work of fiction such as television shows, movies, books, comic books, etc.. and analyze against real world magical theroy and practice. 

The Spell: Beach Scene, Supergirl (1984) 


Historical records are littered with accounts of mundane objects inexplicably falling from the sky. Some of these objects include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • stones
  • rocks
  • coins
  • crucifixes
  • fish
  • frogs

Curiously, in these instances there seems to be a lack of variety of falling objects when this phenomenon presents itself. For example, when stones falls from the sky there will be an absence of any other kind of matter (frogs, fish, coins, etc…) ;when fish fall from the sky there won’t be any stones.

Before the seventeenth century such incidences were thought to be the work of witches in league with the devil. Many renowned scientist of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries investigated reports of stones dropping out of the sky. They touched them, probed them and examined witnesses to their fall, but could not face the implications of the evidence.

One theory suggests that such stones are actually meteorites, but this has been disproved in many cases. Other theories suggest that storm and/or tornadoes are responsible for picking up small animals and hurling them through the skies to their death below.  In the modern era, some have theorized that these falling objects are a result of our dimensional reality intersecting with other parallels realms. While many theories have been put forth, no conclusive answer has been forthcoming.

If I were to attempt to duplicate this spell (and I honestly don't know why I would), I would make a doll-baby of the individual  that included his or her personal concerns and then subject the doll to the same kind of treatment I wanted the person to experience. In this case, I would summon all my anger and hatred for this person and beat the doll with a coconut. 



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