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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Observing Vigil Lights

After publishing my last blog entry, I received a number of requests about the process of observing vigil lights and writing candle-burn reports. So today, I thought I would share my own process. 

First, I would like to say that I personally regard the setting a lights as a journey. The journey begins when you first light the candle and ends when the candle is the candle burns it leaves evidence of the journey along the glass in the form of wax remains, plant matter, soot, cracks, etc.....The appearance of such signs and omens often have a direct connection the person for whom the candle is set, their emotions, and / or events surrounding them.

I begin with a Blank Vigil Light Observation Worksheet. Beforehand, I fill in the clients name or  ID number and mark the wax-level on the diagram. Once the setting-of-lights has been completed I make note of the date, time, and moon phase that the work was begun as well as any additional information that may be relevant to the working.

I check the candle at approximately the same time each day making note of the day, date, time, etc....marking the wax-level and any signs or other omens I may observe. For example, did the moon go void-of-course during the day. If so, what time? Did any marking appear on the candle during this time, etc....?
If the client has been in communication with me during the process of their candle burning, I make note of any information they shared and compare this to the candle. For example. I recently noticed that on the third day of a candle burn a blackish soot began to appear on the glass around 7 pm. The following day, the client emailed me and shared that she had had an argument with her boyfriend around that time.

When the candle is spent, I make note of the overall condition of the glass. I examine it for residual wax or plant matter clinging to the glass, soot, residue, or even breaks in the glass. When examining a vigil-light I often get psychic impressions about the work that have nothing to do with the anything I physically see in or on the glass. In some cases, I may pull one or two tarot-cards for clarification. I then take all this information into account and write a Candle Burn Report. The client is emailed the candle-burn report and a copy of that and the observation worksheet is retained in his or her client file.



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