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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sex-Magic, Sigils, & Social Media Oh My!

In a previous entry I gave an overview of sigils and described a unique method of creating them. Today, I would like to share a method of using sigils to attract a romantic or sexual partner. This method is specifically for those individuals who use dating sites such as Craigslist or to meet prospective dates, however, it can be adapted for use by those who prefer to meet a prospective partner at a social event.

Placing Your Ad & Creating Your Sigil 

The process pre-supposes that you either already have a personal ad online or will be creating one. To begin, you are going to create a sigil to attract what you want by using whatever methods you deem appropriate. For the purposes of this blog, let's use the example of a man who wishes to attract a casual sexual partner. To make this as simple as possible I am going to use the same language often found in personal ads.

S W M I S O F W B 

Here, our acronym stands for "Single White Male in Search of Friend with Benefits". Now, using one of the aforementioned methods of sigil creation I create the following sigil. 

Now what you will do is take your sigil and using a program such as or photoshop and hide this sigil behind your photo using a process called layering. 

The result will be your photo with the sigil hidden behind it which will invisibly help to attract your partner to you.

Backing Up the Work

To take this process a step further, you might want to print your sigil on a square of paper. On the back of the paper you can write a brief description of what you desire, then turn this 1/4 turn and write your name over this description nine times.

Next, anoint the four corners and center of the sigil with an appropriate oil such as Adam and Evil Oil, if you are straight or Lavender Lust Drops is you are gay. Fold the paper around one of your hairs and smoke it in incense while making your prayer or petition and set it aside.

Mark a red candle with your name and anoint it with your chosen oil. Stroke the candle towards yourself saying something such as:

With God’s blessings, may my lover come to me now as quickly as possible. May he yearn for me as hard as, or harder than, I yearn for him. May he want me as I want him; need me as I need him; desire me as I desire him. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Place your sigil under the candle and set it to burn. 

Dating in Real Time 

Let's say that you're old-fashioned and you'd prefer to meet your partner in a social setting such as a bar, club, or concert. In this case, simply create your sigil as before and perform the candle-rite portion of this working. However, you will set your candle to burn while you are out-of-the-house and actively searching for a date or sexual partner. In addition, you will also anoint yourself with your chosen oil (some folks even find it helpful to add a bit of their sexual fluids to their oil). 

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