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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

MIPC: The Happy Housewives Love Drawing Spell

The following spell was given by Carlton Gebbia, the newest cast member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Carlton is quickly gaining fame as the first practicing Witch in the Real Housewives franchise. 

During the course of the latest episode which aired November 25th, Carlton and Brandi were shopping  when Carton commented that she is a huge believer in visualization and on the subject of drawing a lover advised Brandi to make a very specific list of qualities that she is seeking in a mate (an intention list) and bury it with a crystal during the full moon. You can see their conversation here.

Commentary:  On the surface, I think this is a  simple spell that has the potential to be quite powerful, however (as Carlton mentions) you have to invest some time and energy into the process. Magic really is all about defining for yourself what it is that you want, desire, need, etc... and then taking steps to bring it about. 

Writing down one's goal is a powerful act and is the first step in taking one's wish out of the realm of thought and into the concrete realm of the physical. Quartz crystals have been used in magic for hundreds of years to magnify or amplify other energies. The moon rules one's emotions while the earth element provides stability. The act of burying one's intention list with the crystal at the full-moon pulls in both the energy of the earth and the moon to help manifest and solidify one's desire.  In this case, however, I would use Rose Quartz which specifically vibrates on the frequency of love. Furthermore, I would perform this rite on a Friday (which is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love) in the planetary hour of Venus.

From a Hoodoo perspective, however, I would make a few changes. First of all, I would cross and cover my intention list with my own name written nine-times. I would then five-spot the paper with an appropriate condition oil such as Lavender Lust or Adam and Eve Oil (available at Creole Moon). I would then fold the intention list around herbs and roots known for drawing love such as coriander seed, lavender, catnip, lemon balm, etc.... This, in turn, would be folded into a flannel packet and bound with red yarn or ribbon into which you have tied your wish.

Finally it would be dressed with your chosen oil. If you desire, this could be done in the light of a fixed candle for the same purpose. When the candle is spent, I would bury the packet near my front door OR in a potted plant in my home so that my intention to draw love to myself would radiate from the plant as it grows. Each time you water your plant you can reaffirm your wish for love, and perhaps sprinkle a little bit of the dirt from the plant near your front door to draw your new love to you.


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