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Friday, November 1, 2013

Review: Anna Riva's Candle Burning Magic

  •  Author: Anna Riva
  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: International Imports; Anna Riva's Candle Burning Magic: A Spellbook of Rituals for Good and Evil [Paperback] Anna Riva edition (October 1, 1980)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0943832063
  • ISBN-13: 978-0943832067
  • Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches 

Anna Riva is a name that is well known in the magical community as the author of a number of spell-books as well as the manufacturer of a line of spiritual products, including oils, and powders.   Folks either love her or hate her. However, few know the story behind her [in]famous brand.

Born Dorothy Spencer in 1923, Anna’s pen-name is derived from a combination of her mother’s and daughter’s first names. Spencer began writing as Anna Riva in the late 60’s and in the early 1970’s, her company International Imports began publishing a number of spell books such as Modern WitchcraftSpellbook (1973) and the VoodooHandbook of Cult Secrets (1974) among other popular titles. Many of these spell-books recommended the use of spiritual oils that International Imports also manufactured---so the books were akin to advertisements for the oils.

In the late 1990’s Spencer retired amid rumors that she was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and sold her company to Indio Products who continued to publish her books and manufacture her oils, incenses, and powders. Spencer ultimately died in 2005.

Anna Riva's Candle Burning Magic begins with a very brief introduction on candle magic and its basic rules followed by a list of color correspondences and a very well thought out and detailed section on figure candle.  Next, the author gives details on how to construct an altar, duration of candle magic rituals, how to time your spells and finally she instructs the reader in how to prepare of dress you candles.  What follows next is a series of 125 candle magic spells.

Each spell has a picture of the prescribed altar layout complete with the correct candles, oil(s), incense, and a brief affirmation to be recited before, during, and/or after the spell. The remainder of the book is taken up with a an overview of how to perform a novena, prayers to various saints, and psalms for various goals, as well as a list of Seals and Magic Squares that can be used in conjunction with your spells. The book ends with a succinct article on Ceromany, or divination by wax.

I really like this little tome of candle-magic. It is, however, only an overview of candle magic and gives the briefest details on the subject. Nonetheless, it provides a powerful foundation on which to build your own candle-burning practice. In fact, the spells given can be personalized based on the individual and/or situation. Some folks are put off by the fact that the author calls for her own Oils, Incenses, and Powders for use in her spells, but these products can easily be substituted with similar ones for the same purposes.

I do wish that the author had included diagrams of the seals mentioned, however, these can be found easily on the internet or in a copy of the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses. In fact, I often use Anna Riva's Candle Burning Magic in conjunction with other books such as the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses, or Power of the Psalms to write and perform powerful spells...and YOU can too!


Carolina Dean

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