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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In Review: 2013

The Wheel of the Year has come full circle one again. With the end of another year comes the need to pause and reflect on one's life, all that has occurred in the previous year, what one has learned and look forward what will be in the near year (but that will be the subject of another blog). 

2013 In Review

In the beginning of the year, I performed a tarot reading for myself which stated:

"With the end of one cycle comes the beginning of a new one and you have the good fortune to be possessed of a great deal of potential. You are surrounded by strong allies in both human and spirit form who are willing to assist you. However, your advancement forward can often be blocked by an oppressive force, do not let it distract you and drain you of vital energy causing you to make poor choices. Instead keep your eyes on your goal and keep your thoughts, words, and deeds consistent with who you really are. Soon you must evaluate the wisdom of holding on to that which does not serve to uplift you so that you that you can keep and protect that which reflect your true-values as well as that which is necessary in order for you to grow. Nurture your creativity and talents and your efforts will be richly rewarded!"


This has been a really great year for me. My career as a writer has grown thanks to the support of my friends and fans. My conjure practice continues to grow slowly but surely (as is my preference) as I split my time between my conjure practice and my day job in the non-magical world. I have grown closer to the spirits with whom I work and our relationship continues to unfold (super)naturally.

However, even as I have grown close to my spiritual allies, I have grown farther and farther apart from those who I once counted as close friends. Over the summer, I had to walk away from a years long friendship due to the individual's constant drama and need for attention. I realized that I spent so much energy and attention supporting her and attempting to help her "fix" her life that I completely neglected my own.

In addition, for all the support and encouragement that I gave her, I got very little in return. In fact, it was revealed to me that this person did not want me to advance or improve my condition in life because she felt that if I met someone or made other friends that I would no longer be available to her when she needed me, which was pretty much all the time. Looking back, it was a difficult decision and one that I put off longer than it needed to be. However, the universe stepped in and gave me the precise opportunity to address this issue and make the cut. Fortunately, despite this individual being a complete drama-mama, the split occurred with very little drama attached and hopefully we are bother better off for having put such distance between us. I know I am.

Unfortunately, I must not have learned my lesson with the drama-queen because as the year comes to a close I find history repeating itself in the form of another friend and business associate who for the past year has taken every opportunity to attempt to embarrass, humiliate and disrespect for in the most harsh manner. The change in our relationship occurred slowly over time, so slowly in fact that I really didn't realize just how much she had change and how abusive our relationship had become. Even as I write this I really do hope for a healing between us, because I do respect the person that she was and the value the friendship that we had. Even so I am prepared now to walk away from the relationship if need be, however, because this person is not only a "friend" but a business associate and  has a certain financial foothold in my life it will take time to sort out. Perhaps this will give us the needed time to heal our relationship or not...only time will tell.


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