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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pow-Wow or Long Lost Friend

Published by John George Hohman in 1820, this tome is the quintessential grimoire of Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Magic and Healing.

Rooted in the Christian faith, this book contains many spells for binding, protection, finding thieves, etc.... Most of the charms take the form of prayer which is followed by making the sign of the cross. In addition, it contains a wealth of information on herbal remedies for the health and well being of men and animals alike. For example,

  • A Charm To Stop Blood

A certain Remedy to stop Bleeding, which cures, no matter how far a person be away, if only his first name is rightly pronounced while using it:

Jesus Christ dearest blood!
That stoppeth the pain and stoppeth the blood.
In this help you [first name] God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost. Amen.

  • How to Obtain Things that Are Desired

If you call upon another to ask for a favor, take care to carry a little of the five-finger grass with you, and you shall certainly obtain that you desired.

  • To Compel a Thief to Return Stolen Goods

Early in the morning before sunrise you must go to a pear tree, and take with you three nails out of a coffin, or three horse-shoe nails that were never used, and holding these toward the rising Sun. you must say:

"Oh, thief, I bind you by the first nail, which I drive into thy skull and. thy brain, to return the goods thou hast stolen to their former place; thou shalt feel as sick and as anxious to see men, and to see the place you stole from, as felt the disciple Judas after betraying Jesus. I bind thee by the other nail, which I drive into your lungs and liver, to. return the stolen goods to their former place; thou shall feel as sick and as anxious to see men, and to see the place you have stolen from, as did Pilate in the fires of hell. The third nail I shall drive into thy foot, oh thief, in order that thou shalt return the stolen goods to the very same place from which thou hast stolen them. Oh, thief, I bind thee and compel thee, by the three holy nails which were driven through the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, to return the stolen goods to the very same place from which thou hast stolen them. + + + “

The three nails, however, must be greased with the grease from an executed criminal or other sinful person.

The book itself is a powerful talisman for protection against one's enemies, accidental death, and persecution owning to the following statement found therein:

"Whoever carries this book with him, is safe from all his enemies, visible or invisible; and whoever has this book with him cannot die without the holy corpse of Jesus Christ, nor drowned in any water, nor burn up in any fire, nor can any unjust sentence be passed upon him. So help me."

Like the spells that it contains, the talismanic powers of this grimoire requires nothing more to activate that the power of belief. 


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