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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Come to Me Spell

This spell is designed to bring another individual to you, presumably a lover or someone whom you wish to take as a lover. It may me of the opposite sex, or of the same sex depending on your orientation. To perform this spell you will need.

Working the Root: Begin by carving the individual's name on the three red candles, dressing them with Come to Me Oil and placing them so that they form an upright triangle. Next, take a pen and write the target's name on the back of it 9 times. When you are done, turn the photograph 1/4 turn clockwise and write Psalm 23 crossing and covering the name. As you write out the Psalm, focus your thoughts on the person and your desire to bring them to you.

Place the target's personal concerns in the center of the paper and fold it towards yourself three times, turning it 1/4 turn clockwise between each fold and say: "With God's blessings, as I fold this paper towards myself (Name) now comes to me, and just as I turn this paper, I turn his attention and interest to me. In Jesus name, Amen."

Place the folded photo in the center of the triangle with the High John Root on top and say: "I call upon the spirit of High John the Conqueror to overcome the will of (Name) so that he obeys my command to come to me. In Jesus name, amen." Surround the photo on four sides with pieces of Abre Camino (aka Road Opener Root) to represent the four directions saying "Abre Camino, you who opens the way, clear the path so that nothing may impede (Name's) path to me, In Jesus name, Amen." Finally, place the three pieces of licorice root in between the candles, and say "Licorice Root, empower me with the authority of your spirit, and bring (Name) under my command, in Jesus name. Amen."

Next, light the three red candles one at a time saying "In the name of the Father [light the first candle], and the Son [light the second candle] and of the Holy Ghost [light the third candle], I conquer the will of (Name); I make free the way, and I command him to come to me at once! Amen."

Finally, pray the 23rd Psalm 9 times as you focus on your desire for the target to come to you. Leave the candles to burn out on their own. When they are spent, you may search the wax for signs of the success or failure of your work. Afterward gather the left over wax, herbs, and your petition into a small tin such as a cough drop tin or a snuff tin and bury it near your front door.


Carolina Dean 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Astrology: How Mercury Retrograde Affects You

What is Mercury Retrograde 

Mercury Retrograde is a term that you have probably heard before but aren't sure exactly what it means. During periods of retrograde, a planet appears to move backwards from its normal trek around the sun. Those areas of life governed by the planet tend to suffer setbacks and breakdowns. There are many retrograde including Mars Retrograde, Venus Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde, in fact all the planets turn retrograde at some point. However, Mercury Retrograde is arguably the one you hear about most often. 

When Does Mercury Retrograde Occur

Mercury Retrograde occurs approximately three times a year and last about 3 weeks each time. The present Mercury Retrograde began at 10:02 AM PST  on 10/4/14 and will end at 12:16 PM PST on 10/25/14.

What Occurs During Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is believed to rule communication and travel and so during a Mercury-Retrograde it is common for breakdowns in communication and interruption of travel plans to occur. People become short-tempered, computers break down, get viruses, cars and other vehicles may breakdown, flat tires may occur, communication slows or grinds to a halt, etc.....

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect the Individual?

Astrological Charts are like fingerprints, no two are alike because no two people are exactly alike and therefore Mercury Retrograde will effect everyone differently. To determine how Mercury Retrograde will affect you, you have to determine which house(s) Mercury will transit (or pass through) while it is in retrograde state. 

Determining Retrograde Mercury's Position Relative to Your Birth Chart

Begin by ascertaining what sign Mercury occupies at the time of the retrograde. You can usually find this out simply by doing an internet search, but if you can't find out you can simply draw up a chart for the exact time of Mercury Retrograde for your location. For example, here is a chart of the skies over Oak Harbor, WA on 10/4/14 at 10:02 AM.   As you can see from the chart below, Mercury was in the 2nd Degree of the Sign of Scorpio when Mercury went retrograde.

It really doesn't matter what city or state you use to determine Mercury's position because as long as you adjust your time according to the time zone of the particular place you will get the same result. For example here is a chart for Great Falls, South Carolina at 1:02 pm on October 4th 2014

Looking at this chart, we see that Mercury was also in the 2nd Degree of Scorpio during Mercury Retrograde. As you can see, no matter where you are in the world, Mercury will be in the same sign of the Zodiac for all persons. It is only the house positions that change. 

Therefore to determine how Mercury Retrograde will affect the masses, we would analyze Mercury Retrograde in the Sign of Scorpio, which is said to govern over sex, and death.  However, to determine how Mercury Retrograde will affect you we will look at what house governs Scorpio in your birth chart.

To do that you need to get your own birth chart drawn up. This can be done for free at Astrolabe. Simply enter your name and birth data and then print out your Natal, or birth, Chart. For this blog entry I will use the birth chart of Chris Evans, the actor known most recently for his role as Captain America. 

As you can see, Chris has Scorpio as his ascendant and this marks his first house which rules one's identity, outer appearance and ego. Mercury Retrograde is transiting his 1st house of identity. This bodes a period in which he has the opportunity to improve the image he projects to others, reassess old patterns of thought and improve upon them. 

Now remember, Mercury Retrograde does not mean that the planet stops but rather appears to move backwards so Mercury is still moving. At the time the retrograde started it was in the 18th degree of Scorpio, but on October 10th it moves into Libra which governs Chris' 12th house which rules one's subconscious. So around October 10th he will begin feeling this new influence. This will be a time of deep introspection and he will have a tendency to shy away from people in order to spend some time alone, relax, and recuperate. During this time he may be susceptible to falling back into old, unhealthy, habits and/or patterns of behavior.

Mercury will then turn direct again on 10/25/14 at 12:16 PM PST in the 16th degree of Libra.  During this time intuition becomes more reliable and information flows freely from the subconscious mind to the conscious part of the mind which can result in the return of creativity in the realm of writing and speaking. The desire to be social and interact with people will be more accentuated.  

Aspects: Relationships Between the Planets 

The next step would be to analyze the aspects, or relationships, between Mercury Retrograde and the planets in your Birth Chart. This is determined by ascertaining the number of degrees between Mercury Retrograde and the planets in the birth chart. There are several different aspects each of which has their own meaning and this is a subject too complex to delve into during this brief article. The serious student will want to do more research and there is software and other programs that can determine the various aspects for you.

However, I will share the following example. Chris has Mercury in the 4th degree of Cancer in his birth chart and Mercury Retrograde occupies the 2nd degree of Scorpio when it turns Retrograde. This is a difference of 128 degrees. That would mean that Mercury Retrograde is trine Natal Mercury. A trine is an aspect in which two planets are 120 degrees apart or within 9 degrees either way of 120 degrees. It is one of the most favorable of aspects. Mercury Retrograde is trine Natal Mercury which would help lessen or even negate the negative affects of Mercury Retrograde. 

Once you have all the information written down for Mercury Retrograde in your house and it's various aspects you will begin the process of astrological synthesis. This is the process of combining all the information that you have gathered into a logical and cohesive understanding.

General Advice for Surviving Mercury Retrograde 

Generally speaking, during "Stationary Retrograde", the point at which Mercury turns retrograde, RESEARCH, THINK, EVALUATE...and when Mercury turns "Stationary Direct", the point at which Mercury goes direct again, DECIDE, RESOLVE, ACT.


Monday, September 15, 2014

The Influence of Christian Religious Beliefs on Secular Law


     The use of the Bible, by mostly Christians, as the primary-source for the moral foundation of society was the main contributing factor in the argument against interracial-marriage. An examination of the role that Christian religious-beliefs played in the debate against interracial-marriage will reveal a correlation between the argument against interracial-marriage and the argument against same-sex marriage today. The conflict regarding same-sex marriage is similar to that of interracial-marriage because those who oppose same-sex marriage often repeat those arguments that were used to oppose interracial marriage.

The Bible as Moral Foundation

     Until recently, the Christian Bible has been the primary-source for the moral foundation of American law, society and politics. Many of our founding fathers made statements referring to the Constitution as being built upon religious principles. According to John Adams, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  As a Christian himself, we can infer that Adams was referring to the Christian religion in his statement.  In addition according to Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, the Bible “is the rock on which our republic rests.”
The Argument Against Same Sex Marriage

     The argument against same-sex marriage is similar to the argument against interracial marriage. In 1883, a judge in Missouri ruled against interracial marriage stating that "It is stated as a well authenticated fact that if the [children] of a black man and white woman, and a white man and a black woman intermarry, they cannot possibly have any progeny, and such a fact sufficiently justifies those laws which forbid the intermarriage of blacks and whites."  This idea that the children of Caucasians and African-Americans cannot produce children of their own together has it origins in the biblical decree found in Leviticus 19:19 in which God forbids the crossbreeding of livestock.  The same sentiment echoes the argument made by many opponents of same-sex marriage who believe that because members of the same-sex cannot breed children together that they should not be allowed to marry.

     The belief that God separated the races is similar, if not identical, to the belief that God separated the sexes when he created Adam and Eve. In 1958, Judge Leon M. Bazile upheld the ban on interracial marriage on the basis that "Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix." In like fashion, and perhaps the most often cited argument against same-sex marriage, however, goes “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” For this reason, Christians have long lobbied for a definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman, thereby denying marriage to same-sex couples.


     The Constitution of the United States of America was largely based on the religious beliefs of our founding fathers, who were Christian. For this reason, the Christian Bible has long been the moral foundation on which our society’s laws have been built as well as the yard-stick by which proposed changes to the law have been measured. The arguments against same-sex marriage mirrors the arguments once used to oppose interracial-marriage both of which were opposed on the basis of the religious beliefs of those who write, enact, and enforce the laws of the land.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

MIPC: To Draw Trade to a Brothel

MIPC stands for Magic in Popular Culture and is an ongoing series of blog post in which I take a spell, belief, concept, trick, etc... from a work of fiction such as movies, television, books, comics, etc... and analyze it against real world magical theory and practice.

Increase Mather: Do you not sense it? The commingling of sin and sorcery? Take a breath. [Breathes deeply] You can almost taste it Satan's toxic nectar, designed to divert and disarm. Ah.The proprietress of this charming establishment.
Mab: What'll it be today, Reverend? Thin and pliant, or thick and playful? 
Increase: Mind your betters, madam.
Mab: I run an honest house. You'll find nothing here.
Increase: I have made my name finding things where there is nothing to be found. Orris root? 
Mab: Strangers tramp in and out of here every day. I do not know what substances they carry.

Salem, Season 1 Episode 8 "Departures"
Original Air Date:  June 8th, 2014

His-Story Comes Alive...

Salem is a fictional account of the Salem Witch Trials. It portrays real people such as Mary Sibley, Increase Mather, Tituba, etc... who took part in these events. While some events shown throughout the series are true to what history tells us (such as Tituba being accused of witchcraft) a great deal of liberty is taken with other events. For example Tituba has an integral part in the Witch Trials but not in the way that history explains.

In the fictional story of Salem the local coven lead by Mary Sibley and assisted by Tituba is attempting to complete a Grand Rite by killing 13 innocent souls. The powerful witches of Salem, which includes the Magistrate as well as the local Madam,  form a conspiracy in which they use the Puritans fears against them by manipulating the general public into believing that certain (non-witch) parties are accused and subsequently put to death for the crime of witchcraft. 

The spell cited above is not exactly spelled out in this scene (to use a pun) but rather is more implied, therefore let me explain. In the scene above, Increase Mather has come to Salem where his son, Cotton, has been investigating claims of witches and witchcraft. Though Cotton believes in the existence of witches he is more soft hearted than his father and is more willing to give the accused the benefit of the doubt which angers his father. Increase seems aware that his son has been visiting the local brothel and arrives there while his son is enjoying the company of his favorite working girl.

Cotton is able to slip out without being caught with his pants down. However, while he is at the brothel Increase seems to sense the commingling of sin and sorcery. Increase barges into the office of Mab, the brothel's Madam, as she is at her desk seemingly going over the books. On the desk about her can be seen a tall taper candle surrounded by a number of coins which she was presumably counting.  Increase takes in the scene and notices the smell of Orris Root and some burnt remains near the candle but Mab feigns ignorance. Investigating further, Increase finds a hidden compartment in a wall in Mab's office inside of which are casting stones thus cementing his belief that she was a witch. 

The Spell

As stated above, the spell here is more implied than stated out rightly. I cannot even say for certain that the writers intended to imply that Mab was casting spells to draw good paying customers but there are too many coincidences for it not to have meant something. They are:
  • The Candle- Candles have long been used in the practice of magic. During the time period in question, the source of light was often lamps or candles so they make excellent tools for casting spells in plain sight as everyone would have candles and wouldn't raise as much suspicion as a doll baby stuck full of pins for example.
  • Orris Root- Also known as Queen Elizabeth Root, orris root is one of, if not the most, powerful love drawing herb/root and is said to draw men. 
  • The Coins- It is a common belief in magic that "like attracts like". Images of money in the form of coins or paper bills are often used spells to draw more money. Money follows money.....
Putting it All Together 

With the above information is it easy to see how one could craft a spell to draw trade to the brothel. I could certainly see Mab burning powdered orris root in the flame of this candle surrounding by money while chanting an incantation to draw good paying customers to her brothel. 

However, if I were to cast this spell I would make a few changes Such as:

  1. The candle would be red to represent lust, sex, passion. 
  2. I would dress the candle with an appropriate condition oil(s) such as Better Business Oil, Cleo May Oil, etc...
  3. The candle would be rolled towards me (to draw) through powdered orris root (to attract men) and jezebel root (to make them compliant) and powdered cinnamon (for money).
  4. I would write a petition on a dollar-bill that was given to me by a previous customer and place it under the candle. Other forms of money (bills or coins) can still be placed around the candle. 
  5. Finally, the candle would be lit as I make my prayer or petition to attract good paying customers. 

A spell such as this could easily be adapted for use by other businesses as well to attract good customers


Carolina Dean

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stone of Fire, Stone of Light

I've written about the use of stones in Hoodoo before. In addition to their use as curios in mojo bags (such as pyrite or lodestones) and baths (in the form of salts) they may also serve as altars, doll-babies, and substitute for the bones of the Ancestors, or as focal tools during devotional prayer. 

This entry on my receipt book will focus on the use of stones in magical traditions similar to Hoodoo.

The Divinity Stone 

Also known as the Fire-Stone or Creek-Stone, the Divinity Stone comes from the Pow-Wow Tradition. Pow-Wow, or Braucheri, is not a religion but rather a magical system of faith healing. It was brought to America by German settlers who came to Pennsylvania to avoid religious persecution in their native land. Here, it mixed with Native American herbal medicine and magic, ceremonial-magic, European superstition, and Christian folklore and mythology in a manner similar to Hoodoo. 

In the late 1990's author Silver Ravenwolf brought the practice of Pow-Wow into our greater consciousness with the publication of her book Hexcraft: Dutch Country Pow Wow Magick, although later editions of her book bear the title American Folk Magic. Though Ravenwolf acknowledged the Christian elements of Pow-Wow, her book focused mainly on the practice of Pow-Wow from a Wiccan perspective which is understandable as she is Wiccan herself. Like many of her books, however, she was later criticized by other writers for not presenting "real" Pow-Wow. I can say from personal experience, though, that I have used the techniques described in her book to treat sickness in myself and in others and I can honestly say that the techniques work. 

According to Ravenwolf, Pow-wow practitioners use very little props, if any, and rely heavily on the concept of sacred breath, chants, and magical gestures. Occasionally a Pow-Wow doctor will make use of a Divinity Stone, among other common household items such as scissors and thread. The Divinity Stone is used during the healing process to draw out sickness and pain by placing it on the affected area with specific prayers. The ailment is then absorbed into the stone where it passes into the void.

The Divinity Stone is typically round or oblong, smooth to the touch and fits snugly in the palm of one's hand. They are said to be extremely durable and impossible to lose. You may find it, or it may find you, nonetheless, when you obtain one it will feel "right" in your hand. My search for a divinity-stone began in 1997 wen I first learned about them, but it wasn't until 2006 when I found mine. It was the year I moved from South Carolina to Washington State. A friend took me on a hike which lead to a circle of stones where, according to him, witches were said to hold their rituals. 

The stone is ritually blessed when the moon is full and then kept near you for one moon cycle to seal the bond between you and the stone. It may be periodically cleansed and recharged by placing it in cool running water or in direct sunlight (as it's element is fire). 

The Sastun 

The Sastun (pronounced sas-toon) is a tool of divination and spiritual power used by Mayan H'men (shaman and healers). The names comes from the Mayan word for light (sas) and the word for age (tun) and translates to light of the ages

To receive a Sastun is believed to be a gift from the Mayan spirits. They can take many forms, usually a crystal or a stone, and are said to possess a light which can only be seen by those with the gift of sight (psychic-ability, clairvoyance, second-sight). The Sastun, as you can imagine, is used as a scrying tool to diagnose and treat both physical and spiritual dis-ease, to provide visions in dreams, empower amulets, and cast spells for various purposes. 

The Sastun is empowered on a Friday by dipping your finger in rum and marking the sign of the cross on the stone and saying the following prayer nine times:

"Sastun, Sastun, with your great power I ask that you tell me all I need to know. teach me to understand the signs, visit me in my dreams to give me the answer I seek. I have faith with all my heart that this sastun will answer my prayer. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen." 

This is to be repeated every Friday. Another source suggest catching rain water during the full moon, placing the Sastun in the water to cleanse it and then drinking the water to connect with the Sastun. It should be noted that, like many other parts of the world, that the descendents of the Mayan people have been converted to Christianity long ago and much of their mythology and folk-magic now contain elements of Catholicism which account for the prayer above being directed to the Holy Trinity.

Using the Sastun to Make Magic

As stated above, the Sastun isn't simply a tool of divination but also one possessed of a great deal of spiritual power. It addition to healing it is also used to empower amulets, bring back lost or missing individuals, and enchant lovers to name a few. 

A common amulet to protect an individual from envy (the evil eye) and black magic consists of dried rue, copal incense, Piedra de Esquipulas (a calcium based stone that is often powdered) and Balsam bark folded into a black piece of cloth and sewn together on all four sides ---similar to a packet made in Hoodoo. 

No description is given in my source material on how the Sastun is used to empower the amulet. It is mentioned, however,  that prayer is a part of the process. In other instances (see below) an object is placed on a flat surface and the Sastun is twirled around and around it as a prayer or petition is made and I imagine that this is also the process for empowering amulets. In this case, I would suggest that the Sastun be twirled clockwise around the amulet.

To bring back a lost or missing individual place a photograph of the person on a flat surface and twirl the Sastun in circles around the photograph (in this case, I suggest counter-clockwise to draw the individual back) as you make your prayer or petition. The individual seeking the return of the missing person is then instructed to place the photograph upside down in a pocket over their heart every Thursday and Friday and repeat a mantra / affirmation / incantation that the person will come back and stay. 

Finally, the process for enchanting a lover is similar to that of bringing back a missing person. The Sastun is swirled around the person's photograph while a prayer is made. The seeker is then instructed to place the photo upside down in his pocket every Friday for 9 weeks and repeat a  mantra / affirmation / incantation that the person will come and be with them. It is said that the enchanto (spell) lasts for only 6 months and during that time the seeker must prove that they are worthy of their lover or else they will come out of the spell very angry and will only stay if the seeker has been good to them. 

Whether these are traditional methods or using the Sastun to make magic or simply one practitioner's technique I cannot say as there is not a great deal of source material on the subject. Nonetheless, it seems that the Sastun will communicate with the owner and teach him or her the best way in which to deploy this powerful resource. 

Can a Divinity Stone be a Sastun? 

Can a Divinity Stone be a Sastun? This is a question that I have asked myself in recent weeks after learning more about the Sastun and its use in healing and magic. Though they come from different traditions and cultures a Divinity Stone and a Sastun share a few commonalities.
  • Neither object can simply be bought, like a deck of Tarot Cards or a pendulum, but rather are seen as gifts from the spirits. 
  • Both are used for healing of the mind, body, and /or spirit. 
  • Both tools are associated with the same element (fire and light). 
  • Both tools are said to be very durable, hard to lose and always return to its true owner. 
  • One needs to have the gift for working with them to have any amount of success working with them. 

The differences between a Divinity Stone include, but are not limited to:

  • I have not uncovered any evidence where a Divinity Stone is used for divination. 
  • I have not uncovered any evidence where a Sastun is used to draw illness out of the body in the same manner as a Divinity Stone. 

As you can see, the Divinity Stone and the Sastun have more in common than they do not. Perhaps the idea that one cannot do something that the other can is a limitation that humans have placed upon them? Or no one has previously attempted to use them any differently? Scrying with stones is not a new idea at all. According to one author, when Harry Middleton Hyatt traveled all over the South collecting African-American folklore he met several folks who scryed with traditional crystal balls as well as spherical stones that were speckled much like the divinity stone pictured above. Therefore, I see no reason why a person cannot scry with a divinity stone. 

I wasn't feeling well not too long ago and laid down about noon with my stone. As an experiment, I attempted to receive a dream vision from my divinity stone. I asked it to speak to me and show me what was wrong.  I went into a state of being simultaneously awake and asleep. In this state, I had a dream-vision. In that vision, I was in a car driving around and around in circles around the island I live on. No matter what I did, I could not leave the island. Suddenly, the path opened before me and I drove straight off the island.  I woke up four hours later. Thinking about it now I believe that the stone was telling me that before I had been limiting myself with the stone and that my work with it was about to open up into new and exciting paths. 

In another instance I attempted to scry with the stone asking it to show me the face of the next new person I would meet. I have found that since I am nearsighted it helps me to take off my glasses when I am scrying (which is ironic when you think about it) and was amazed and how fast the image of a man's face came to me. A few days later I received a friend request on facebook from a stranger who looked exactly like the image I had seen in my divinity stone. 

Finally, I had occasion to make some orange water a few days ago in preparation for fixing a love-drawing bath for a client. I used my divinity stone by placing it in my left (receiving hand) and placing my right (dominant) hand on the jar of water. I could feel the stone pulsating in my hand. The energy ran up one arm and down the other out into the jar as I made my prayer. It was very powerful. 

Blessings to You and Yours.....

Carolina Dean


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tarot Reading: Shufflling the Deck


Review: What is Tarot?

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards upon which are printed symbolic pictures used in the practice of divination, however they have additional applications as well. A standard deck consist of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana.  The Major Arcana typically relate to matters of a high significance or a deep purpose whereas the Minor Arcana concerns itself with matters of mundane, every-day living. 

The Minor Arcana can be divided into four suits which correspond to the four elements. They are:
  • Wands, which relate to fire.
  • Cups, which relate to water.
  • Swords, which relate to air.
  • Pentacles, which relate to earth.

Similar to Playing Cards,  each suit consists of ten cards numbered from Ace to 10 and then four court cards which are named as King, Queen, Knight, and Page of each suit. 

To operate the cards, they are often laid out in a Tarot Spread. A Spread is a term used to describe the pattern in which Tarot-Cards are laid out after shuffling them and prior to reading them. Usually, but not always, each position in a spread signifies an area of life, a feeling, one's thoughts, or a specific time period such as the past, present, or future. The meaning of a tarot card is read according to its position in the spread.

A good reader is able to utilize the Tarot to analyze the past and present in order to determine the probability a future event.  The more accurate readers are able to focus on the most probable alternate-futures.  The accuracy of a reader’s ability to foresee a future event decreases in direct proportion to the distance those future events lie ahead in time. Tarot teaches that by active participation in the events occurring in the life of a person, he or she can shift the probabilities towards their desired ends.

Shuffling the Deck Prior to a Reading

Dovetail Shuffle
Part of the process of reading the tarot is shuffling, or randomizing,  the cards. This is typically done while the seeker allows his thoughts to focus on his question or issue. Before I begin reviewing a few methods of shuffling the cards, let's discuss who exactly should or should not shuffle the cards.

There are some readers who do not allow anyone other than themselves to touch or handle their cards. These readers often think of their cards as a very personal tool which should not be handles by others. In these cases, they may have the seeker hold their calling-card (a card which represents the seeker in the reading) and instruct the seeker to think of their question or issue while the reader shuffles the cards. In other cases they may not even allow the seeker to hold a calling card but rather instruct the seeker to think of their question as the reader shuffles the cards. The seeker is usually also told to let the reader know when they should stop shuffling the deck.

Other readers feel that it is necessary for the seeker to shuffle the cards for themselves. Then again, you will have clients who have absolutely no desire to touch or handle the cards in any way, shape, or form. In my experience, such people may feel that it's perfectly okay for you to read the cards for them but by actively participating in the reading they are committing a sin, breaking a social / religious taboo, or that they will otherwise mess up the reading. As the reader, you will have to go over the options with your client and decide how you would like to proceed with the reading. 

The next factor you will have to determine is the number of times to shuffle the cards. In my experience most readers advise that you shuffle the cards until you feel they are ready. However, some readers may direct you to shuffle the cards a specific number of times, three seems to be a common number for example. Again you will have to decide for yourself which method best works for you and your client(s). 

Now as to actually shuffling the cards themselves there are more ways than even I could have imagined, however, I would like to review a few methods here. They are:
  • Overhand-Shuffle  
Also known as the slide-shuffle, the overhand-shuffle is probably the easiest and most common way to shuffle the cards. To perform the overhand shuffle, simply remove a random number of cards from the top of the deck and place them at the bottom of the deck. Repeat as desired. This form of shuffling is sometimes, but not always, easier with larger or over-sized decks than it is with the dovetail-shuffle. It will also be easier for folks who are not accustomed to handling cards or shuffling them in general.
  • Dovetail Shuffle 
The dovetail-shuffle, is accomplished by dividing the deck in half, and then allowing them to cascade together reconstituting the deck. It looks a little more sophisticated but requires a little more dexterity and it may not always be possible with a larger deck especially for clients who are not well-coordinated or who are not used to handling cards in general.
  • The Divide 
The divide is a combination of the over-hand and dovetail-shuffle. To perform the divide, simple cut the deck in half before you and lay the two piles close together with just enough room for a third pile between them. Next place your fingers of your left hand lightly on the top of the left hand pile and the fingers of your right hand on the right hand pile. Now bring the two piles together a few cards at a time forming a new pile in the middle. 

  • Linear Shuffle
Finally, I would like to talk to you about what I call the linear-shuffle.  The linear shuffle is done by simply taking the deck of cards and sliding them across a flat surface so that they all remain face-down in a straight line, although you will sometimes see readers spread the cards out in a horseshoe pattern as well.

Next, the seeker is then instructed to hold their hand a few inches above the cards and then run it up and down over them and pull any cards which call to them or which feel right. The number of cards pulled will depend on the number of cards required for your chosen spread. For example, the celtic-cross always uses a total of 10 cards; astrologically based spreads often used a total of 12 cards (one for each sign). 

In some cases, the number of cards pulled will be based on the reader's intuition. In the end, additional cards may be pulled for clarification. This type of shuffle is great for anyone who has trouble handling the cards due to a lack of dexterity, injuries to the hand or illness such as arthritis or deformity which limits the individual's ability to shuffle the cards, or just any client who wants to take an active role in his or her own reading. However, it may not be appropriate for clients who do not wish to take an active role in their reading. 

In Summation 

These are just a few of the way that you can shuffle, or randomize, your tarot cards prior to reading them for yourself or clients. As a reader, over time you will develop your own method of shuffling the cards prior to a reading and this will become a part of your unique style and process. In effect it will become a ritual and, psychologically speaking, can act as a physical-trigger to put you in the right frame of mind for performing your readings.

My advice for new readers is not to simply do it such and such as way because you read it in a book or even in this blog, but rather because it has meaning for you. To that end, I suggest that you experiment with different methods and learn what best works for you so that you can be the best reader that you can be. 


Carolina Dean

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Root to Expose Another's Misdeeds...

 ...and Force them to Face the Consequences Thereof

Here's a root (spell) that can be used whenever a person has done something either immoral or illegal and think they got away with their actions, who use false justification to promote their cause and who have no remorse, refuse to apologize, or acknowledge what they did was wrong. For example, this person may be a serial cheater, a thief, a liar, or someone playing both sides of a situation. This root will draw negative attention to them and those drawn by it will see the object of the root for what he or she really is and she or he will be made to deal with the consequences of his or her sins. 

To work this root, you will need:

  • Photo of the Individual 
  • Magnifying Glass 
  • Four-Candles 
  • Salt 
  • Look Me Over Oil
  • Clarity Oil 
  • Crossing Oil

Begin by writing the name of the individual on the back of their photo 7 times. Turn the photo sideways and write whatever label you deem appropriate over their name also 7 times. For example, you may write cheater, thief, abuser, etc....If you do not have a photo, simply write out a name-paper as described

Put a dab of Crossing Oil on your fingertip and draw a large X across the photo from corner to corner saying: 

"(Name), I cross you now just as I cross this photo so that others will always see you for the (whatever) that you are. No more will you fool others, you now will be the fool. No more will you deceive others, you now will be deceived. Now more will you escape the consequences your misdeeds. Now the evil that you have done will undo you! In Jesus name. Amen." 

Place the photo face up on a flat surface. Place the magnifying glass over the face and then pour a circle of salt around the whole thing. Next, take four candles and dress them with a combination of Look Me Over Oil and Clarity Oil. Arrange the candles around the circle of salt at equidistant points. 

Symbolically speaking, the magnifying glass enlarges the individual and their misdeeds and makes them easier to see (the term "putting him under the microscope" comes to mind). The four candles represent the four directions and ensures the individual will have no one to turn to as attention is now drawn to them from every direction. The circle of salt prevents the individual from escaping and makes sure they stay and deal with the consequences of their misdeeds. 

Light the four candles and say:

"With God's blessings, may the light of truth shine upon (Name) so that others will see him/her for the (whatever) that s/he is. Where s/he made a fool of others let him/her now be the fool. Where s/he deceived others let him/her now be deceived. Where s/he thought s/he would escape punishment, let him/her now be held fast and made to answer for his/her sins and may the evil that s/he has done, undo him/her. In Jesus name. Amen." 

Finally, read Psalm 43 several times paying special attention to verse 3 (send out thy light...). When you are done, allow the candles to burn themselves out naturally. When they are spent, inspect any remains for signs of your work. 


Carolina Dean

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Conscious Gratitude

“The more you are grateful for what you have the more you will have to be grateful for”
                                                                                                  ― Zig Ziglar

On Gratitude

The above quote, or some variation of it, is something that I have heard several times as I move through various magical circles and traditions.  It is, after all, a quasi-universal axiom that has been repeated over and over again by various spiritual leaders, teachers, and light-workers. For example:

  • The scriptures are filled with endless verses regarding the concept of gratitude. For the Christian and the Jew alike, it is believed that all things comes form God and so gratitude is an essential part of worship and praise. A few relevant verses can be found in  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Psalms 30:12 and Psalms 9:01. 
  • In like fashion, Islamic teachings states that the first to enter paradise will be those who praised God in all things and that those who are grateful will be given more (Sura 14).
  • In the spiritual path of Buddhism, kindness and gratitude are two practices that the adherent are encouraged to develop together. Gratitude for a kindness is more that a general appreciation but rather a special kind of appreciation in which one honors the effort put forth by the one who extended the kindness.
More than Thank You, What is Gratitude?

Growing up poor in the South, I was taught manners and what it means to say "Please" and "Thank You'. When a neighbor gave you a dollar for picking up a loaf of bread at the Piggly Wiggly, you say thank you even though you wished it was $5.00 because that might be the last dollar that person owns. They made that sacrifice to show you that they were thankful for running the errand for them. I was also taught what it means to be thankful for what you have because only by the grace of God did we have food, a home, and clothes on our backs.

Somewhere along the way, these words become rote. We say them to and accept them from others but do we really express gratitude fully and completely? Well all know that gratitude is a state of thankfulness and the willingness to return a favor or kindness. However, it is more than simply saying thank you to someone or to God, the Universe, Spirit, etc....Gratitude is an emotion. It is just as powerful an emotion as love, hate, envy, happiness, etc...and has a profound effect on the human psyche, behavior, and outlook.

Like many emotions there are different types of gratitude. Its the surprise and delight when someone does something nice for your unexpectedly or out of character, it is the combination of thankfulness and relief when you find out its not cancer, it is the happiness and satisfaction that comes with being able to leave your waiter a large tip when you know he's having a bad day. 

How to Show Gratitude

William Arthur Ward once said that feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it away. Many of us, myself included, have often felt grateful for whatever reason but find it hard to really express that gratitude in a satisfactory way. For example, in October of 2013 my car died and it took me until June of 2014 before I could replace my car. During those 7 months, I had to take public transportation which added 4 hours of travel time to my day. I got up at 5 am and I didn't come home until after 6 pm in the evening. I was often tired, and lacked the time to do anything I really wanted to do (which explains why I stopped blogging for several months). 

When I finally got a new car, I was so grateful and appreciative, but I did not know how to express my gratitude. So I began to show my gratitude in small ways that became increasingly larger. For example, every time I passed a bus I took a deep breathe, thanked God for providing me with reliable transportation and then slowing releasing my breath duplicating the sense of "relief" I recognize as feeling grateful.

Then one day, I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. As I was putting my bags in the trunk of my car I saw a blind man and his companion that I recognized as having ridden the same bus route I once did that took me to my home. It was less than a mile from the store to my apartment but it was all uphill and it dawned on me: If someone would have offered me a ride all those times I had to carry heavy bags of groceries from the store to my house I would have really appreciated it. So I pulled up to them, introduced myself and introduced myself. They remembered me from the bus and I was able to give them a ride home. Being able to give these two a ride was a simple act of kindness that probably meant more to me than those two men but it really opened my eyes to how I can express my gratitude to God for all he has provided me and done for me.

Conscious Gratitude 

When I recognized my act of kindness as an expression of gratitude, I realized that I had been practicing gratitude all along without realizing what I was doing. I have always been a generous person, even in times when I had nothing. It is in my nature to give, to render help, to sacrifice my own needs to provide for others because I have been provided for. Whether it has been money, my time, my services, or sharing my knowledge and experiences. For me it is a giving of myself without expectation of anything in return.

In a similar way, I recognized that my expressions of gratitude was not limited to being a giving person but rather in my willingness to find the spiritual lesson in a negative situation or experience.  It is often been said that we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes and so I learned to be thankful for my enemies because they taught me the value of my own strength; I am thankful for false-friends because they taught me the value of independence; I am thankful for being sick because it taught me to appreciate good health; I am thankful for losing a job because it forced me to get out of a negative, unhealthy situation and opened the way for something better. 

Finally, I recognized the wisdom of being satisfied with enough. What that means is, so many of us get caught up in the rat-race. We accumulate things because we think it will bring us happiness and satisfaction but its never enough. Whether its a bigger house to replace your current one,  the newest cell phone model, gaming system, etc.... its a never-ending quest that fails to bring contentment. When you are not satisfied with what you have, you are not showing the universe that you are grateful for what you have been given in the first place.

Imagine that you got up early one morning and decided to buy your co-workers coffee and donuts; and when you gave your co-workers these gifts they complained that the donuts are stale or the coffee is too cold, too sweet, too bitter, etc... How likely would you be to buy them coffee and donuts again?   I imagine not very likely. So how likely do you think God is to improve your situation if you are not grateful when he has given you enough? With this idea in mine, I shifted my thinking from my "have nots" to my "haves". My apartment may not be a mansion, but it keeps me warm in the winter and dry in the rain the same as a mansion. My car may need a paint job, but it gets me to a fro. My glasses may be 10 years old but I can still see. 

And that, for me, is how I express my gratitude to my God and my Spirits for all the good and abundance that they have afforded me. 

Bless You,

Carolina Dean 


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Review: Hoodoo Bible Magic

Sacred Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery

  • Authors: Miss Michael and Professor Charles Porterfield 
  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Missionary Independent Spiritual Church (May 5, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0996052313
  • ISBN-13: 978-0996052313
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.3 x 0.3 inches 

Before I begin my review, I would like to take a second to offer up praise to Greywolf Towsend and Charles Dawson, the graphic artists who designed the cover art for Hoodo Bible Magic (see image at left). The work they have done on this book is truly superb. The design is subtle, elegant, and truly powerful.      

Hoodoo Bible Magic is a book that was a long time coming. For many years folks have been content to work with the Psalms to bring them love, money, success, protection, etc...However, the Psalms is but one book of the Bible and many folks have long felt that the Bible held many more secrets to be discovered, shared, and used.  

 The authors of Hoodoo Bible Magic, both renowned Rootworkers with many years experience working with the Bible, have brought the ancient secrets of scriptural sorcery out of the darkness and ignorance of the past and into the light of the modern era. Here, they have presented the history and use of the Bible in the practice of folk-magic in a clear, ordered, and easily understandable manner. The authors have shown us that you can do far more with Bible verses than simply pray them. For example, in Hoodoo Bible Magic you will learn how to bathe with as well as to ingest bible verses to manifest your needs and desires.

In addition the book itself contains an overview of the historical use of the Bible in Hoodoo, great men and women of the Bible who used magic, profiles of famous rootworkers and how the Bible empowered their ministry and spiritual work, a quick reference guide to all 150 Psalms and their use in the practice of magic, and many Bible-based spells divided by category. As with many other books published by the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, the remainder of the book is taken up by a section of Frequently Asked Questions culled from the archives of the Lucky Mojo Forum.

Hoodoo Bible Magic is a book that will inform, guide, and empower both the seasoned practitioner as well as the novice-rootworker and I am sure that it destined to become a classic!

Carolina Dean 


Monday, June 23, 2014

Mailbag Monday: Strength of Personal Concerns

Dear Carolina Dean, 

I would like to make a fixed Doll Baby for a specific target to fall in love with me but the only personal effects I have of him is his name and pictures. Do you think those just having those things will be powerful enough to ignite a spirit in a doll? 


Alice Robeson 

Photo Credit: Public Domain
Dear Alice, 

Thank you for your question. What you ask is somewhat of a loaded question. It depends on who the target is, your relationship with him, as well as you access to him and geographical distance.

For example, I can surely print a photograph of Brad Pitt online and I am pretty confident that I can find his autograph and print it as well. But if I incorporate that into a doll, I have very little chance of making him love me.

Why? Because I do not personally know Brad Pitt; and Brad Pitt does not know me. How can he love someone he does not know? Brad Pitt does not live anywhere near me nor are we in communication with one another therefore I cannot observe him for signs that my hoodoo is working or not. At best he would pine for a love he does not know exists, which could be considered cruel.

Now let's say I am Brad Pitts maid. If I am his maid, I have access to his house. I can capture his hair or clothing. I can slip things in his food. I can lay powders in his home, and clean with washes etc..... I am in his sphere of life, so there is a remote possibility that I can make him love me.

So while I believe that a photograph is a good starting point (I've done more with less, myself) you have to ask yourself what kind of access do you have to this man? A doll with his photograph can get you closer. Perhaps a honey jar may be better suited? Or a mojo bag? However,  if there is any doubt it may be better for you at the outset to get a reading on the matter that includes rootwork advice so that you can make the most of your magic.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Funday: Creating Your Own Prayer Book

As I have written before, praying and prayers are powerful tools used in the practice of Hoodoo to effect changes in one's life and manifest your desires. Many practitioners who use Psalms and Prayers read them straight out of the Bible or out of a book such as "Secrets of the Psalms" or "Power of the Pslams". 

In addition, many spiritual practitioners who read the Bible often will usually find a particular piece of scripture that speaks to them on a deeply spiritual level with regard to a specific issue or condition. At other times they find prayers online written by other practitioners that they like or even write prayers of their own. I have even had instances myself whereupon I have spontaneously prayed for a specific person, issue, or condition and liked it so much I attempted to write down what I said as soon as I was able to in order to save the prayer to be used again at another time. 
With all these prayers we've collected from various sources it can be somewhat hard to keep them all in one place. Some folks are adverse to writing in their bible or even highlighting passages. While you can certainly type them up and put them in notebook, or write them in a diary; I have found what best works for me is something entirely different. 

When I set about to create my Personal Prayer Book, I purchased a small leather-bound 4" X 6" photo album that contained approximately 50 pages. Using a program such as Miscrosoft Word, I created a text box that was also 4 X 6 inches typed/ copied my prayer into that box, changed the font,added artwork, etc... and then printed it out. I then cut out the text box and slipped the page into the plastic sheet inside the photo album. 

I have found that when I am praying over items, I am also usually working with oils, herbs, waters, powders, etc...that can sometimes get messy and so the photo album concept is great because the plastic sheeting protects the page from getting damaged. I simply wipe the plastic off with a damp rag or sponge to keep it clean. 

I like this concept so much, I have even created little books for different purposes. For example, I have a recipe book in my kitchen for all my favorite recipes, and I even have a small Book of Shadows that contains all my favorite spells and rituals for when I am on the go. 

Mini Book of Shadows (Photo Album)

This is a great little weekend project you can do alone, with other magically minded people or even magical children. If your handwriting allows, you may even simply cut out the text box without typing anything inside it and then writing your prayer by hand in the space provided. I recall, as a child, that when we were learning how to write my grandparents had us copy verses out of the Bible. So if you been wanting to resurrect the lost art of handwriting this would be a great project for you.  


Carolina Dean