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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hanky Panky: A Fetish for Festishes

A Fetish for Fetishes

Preliminary: The handkerchief-code was a system widely used in the 1970’s by gay men to indicate their sexual fetishes. The handkerchief, or bandanna, was worn in one’s back pocket or pulled through a belt loop. The color of the handkerchief as well as the position on the body it is displayed typically indicates the type of sexual experience the wearer seeks as well as the specific part they want to play in the experience (i.e. Top, bottom; to give or to receive, etc…).

For example, wearing your handkerchief on your left-side signifies that the wearer is a Top; while wearing it on the right-side indicates a bottom. While there is no universally agreed upon color-code, as there are regional variants, there is a generally agreed upon list of colors that relate to common practices. For example:

  • Black-               S&M
  • Blue (Dark)-     Anal sex
  • Blue (Light)-     Oral sex
  • Brown-             Scat (Coprophilia)
  • Green-              Prostitution
  • Grey-                Bondage
  • Orange-            Virtually Anything
  • Purple-              Piercing
  • Red-                  Fisting
  • Pink-                 Dildo/Anal toys
  • White-               Masturbation
  • Yellow-              Water-sports

Working the Root: This spell makes use of the handkerchief-code to make a fetish in the form of a mojo-bag for the purpose of attracting a sexual partner. In order to perform this spell you will need:

  • A handkerchief or a mojo-bag in the color that corresponds to the type of sexual behavior you desire.
  • Square of Mars
  • Lavender Buds
  • Juniper Berries
  • Violet Leaves
  • Buckeye Nut
  • Damiana
  • High John Root
  • Candle (same color as mojo bag)
  • Lavender Lust Drops
  • Pencil and Red Pen

When the moon is new on a Tuesday, lightly sketch the Square of Mars (at left) on a piece of paper in pencil. When you are ready to begin your spell, you will trace the numbers on the square in red ink while focusing on your goal of attracting a sexual partner.

When you are done, turn the paper over and write a brief one-line description of the type of sex in which you wish to engage in seven times.  For example you might write:

  • Give Oral Sex to Masculine Top
  • Receive Anal Sex from Leather-Daddy
  • Mutual Masturbation with Passable T-Girl

Next, turn the paper 90 degrees and write your name across the description also seven times. Anoint the four corners and center of the paper with Lavender Lust Drops and fold a strand on your pubic hair in the petition towards you three times. Rotate the paper clockwise between each fold and place it in your appropriately colored mojo-bag or center of your handkerchief.

Anoint the High John Root and buckeye with your semen and Lavender Lust Drops and place this in the bag. Then, one at a time, place the herbs in the mojo-bag. As you place each item in the bag, tell it what you want it to do. For example, you may say something like “Lavender buds which attract men, attract a man to me.”

Tie your mojo-bag or handkerchief and smoke it in incense and feed it Lavender Lust Drops making your prayer or petition. You may wish to say something such as “With God’s blessings, and by all the power of attraction and desire which are his to command; bring to me a lover who wants me as I want him, who needs me as I need him, who desires that which I have to offer, who offers that which I desire.  In Jesus name. Amen"

Thereafter, wear your mojo-bag against your skin for at least seven days. Whether you go out to seek sex or stay in and attempt to hook up using an online service such as Craigslist©, wear your mojo-bag on the correct side of your body (left side for Tops, right side for bottoms). Keep your mojo in a safe place when not in active use, but be sure to feed it once a month when the moon is new.

Note: If you desire you may add roots, herbs, or curios that speak to your intent in a direct manner. For example, if you wish to give / receive a hand-job you might want to include Lucky Hand Root; if you wish to give / receive oral sex you may wish to include Deer’s Tongue. 

 Carolina Dean 

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