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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Build a Better Business Bucket

You've heard about money-pots and how folks use them to draw wealth, prosperity, and luck into the home. However, today I am going to share with you how to build a money-pot to help your business grow and prosper.

You Will Need:
  • Business Logo Printed on Paper
  • Container / Pot (see below)
  • Money-Drawing Oil 
  • 10 One Dollar Bills
  • Coin Money 
  • Lodestone & Magnetic Sand
  • Silver Dime / Silver Dollar

Preliminary: Preparing Your Lodestone

A pot made of a magnetic metal can drain the magnetism out of your lodestone so be sure to choose a pot that is either not-metallic or one that is non-ferrous (meaning that a magnet will not stick to the container). Prepare your lodestone by washing it with whiskey. Like a mojo-bag, it is traditional to give your lodestone a name since they are both considered to be living things. Dress your lodestone and tell it that it it will now continually draw money to your business.

Working the Root

Print your business logo out on a piece of paper and tear this into a square by hand without using any scissors. If your business does not have a logo, you may substitute your business card. If you don't have a business card, get one, but in the mean time use a regular piece of paper. Using a green (for money) or black pen (black relates to profit in accounting terms, i.e. "in the black) and write your petition over your logo. This may be written in the form of a key word such as "prosperity" or phrase like "money flow to [name of business]" 

Alternately, this may be written in the form of a short prayer such as "With God's blessing may money flow to [name of business] now and always, in a steady stream from sources known and unknown so that all our needs are met and more. In Jesus name. Amen."  When you are done, turn the paper / card a quarter turn and write your name and title over this nine times. 

Dress the four corners and center of the paper with Money Drawing Oil and fold it towards you three times calling wealth, prosperity, and success to your business with each fold. Place the petition in the bottom of your container and fill the container about 3/4 of the way full with change. 

Using your pen, draw the success sigil ($$¢¢$$) diagonally in the four-corners of each of the one-dollar bills and sign your name under the Secretary of the Treasury. One at a time place these on top of the change alternating between laying them in an "/" and "\" direction so that when you are done, your money will form an X so that your money will multiply.

Place your lodestone on top of the X of money, feed and feed it a little bit of magnetic sand. Call your lodestone by name and say "As I feed you, so will you now feed me and draw money to my business in a steady stream so that all its needs are met and more. In Jesus name amen." 

Finally, place a shiny silver-dime on top of your lodestone. If you desire, you may wish to substitute a silver dollar for the dime. The silver dime is there to protect your money. Should the silver dime become tarnish, then you know that someone is either after your money or working to against you to keep money from coming to you. When this occurs, clean the dime and burn uncrossing and / or reversing candles near your money pot. You may also wish to place a whole, raw egg in your money pot to cleanse your money. Keep the egg there for three days and then carry it to a crossroads where you will toss it into the middle of the street where the two roads meet. 

Placement of Your Pot

If your business is in a physical space accessible to the public, you may wish to keep your money pot near your cash-register but out of reach of customers. You don't want folks touching or messing with your lodestone or thinking that they can take change out of your money bucket to pay towards their purchase. If you desire, your money-bucket can be place behind the counter on a wall-shelf out of reach of customers.

If you work out of your home, you might want to keep your money-bucket near your front door to draw money or on top of your cash-box. If you conduct a great deal of business online, you may wish to keep your money-bucket near your computer. 

As an aside, I actually know of one business owner who locks his money-bucket in his safe over night. You'll have to decide what is right for you with regards to keeping your money-bucket safe. 

 Working Your Bucket 

The ten dollars will stay in your pot overnight where it will  become magnetically charged with your intention and trained to bring more money back to you. After three days, you can spend it in such as way that it will benefit your business by using it to purchase office supplies, towards advertising, etc...

At the end of each day, take the paper-money that you took in that day and place it under the lodestone overnight. Leave any coins that you accepted as payment, tips, or which a customer did not wish to take (sometimes a customer will refuse pennies) in your money pot. This should be allowed to accumulate. Four times a year, at the change of the seasons, convert your coins from your money bucket into paper money, leave this under your loadstone and begin the process of building back up your coins.
The following morning, place the paper money in your register or cash-box.  It is a good idea, however, to always leave some kind of paper money under your lodestone at all times to remind it what it should be bringing back to you. This should at least be a $20.00 bill, but you may use whatever you have until you can afford to place a higher denomination under the lodestone. Ideally, your goal should be able to keep a $100.00 bill under the lodestone at all times. 
Other Considerations 
Here's a technique I borrowed from gypsy folk-magic practices. The silver-dime on top of your lodestone  should lay on heads during the waxing moon to draw in money; and on tails during the waning moon to banish poverty. 
You may also wish to prepare your business cards in a similar manner as training your money by placing a few of your business cards under the loadstone to attract customers. These may be handed out to customers, pinned on bulletin boards, or left in public places to attract more business to you. If you mail products out to customers, I also suggest that you send at least two cards with each package. One for the customer to keep and one for him or her to give away to someone to someone that they wish to recommend your products / services. 

Again, if you desire, you may wish to place dried herbs such as chamomile and cinnamon in the bottom of your pot to increase its power; or dirt from a bank, casino, or other successful business so that your business will take on the success of the business whose dirt you have included in your pot. 

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