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Friday, March 28, 2014

For the Return of Lost or Stolen Goods

On a piece of paper write the item(s) that was stolen from you 9 times, turn the paper one-quarter turn and write “Return to Me” also nine times. Fold the paper towards you three times saying: "As I fold this paper towards me, so may my (item) return to me. In Jesus name, amen."  Set the petition aside. Next, take a blue-candle and mark it with the name/type of item and the words “Return to Me.”

Anoint the candle with any type of Attraction Oil and roll it towards yourself in a mixture of dragon’s blood and high john the conqueror powder calling the item back to you. Set the candle in a holder with the petition paper underneath. Light the candle and make your fervent prayer to God saying “As Joseph returned to the land of his birth, as Moses returned to his mother, with God’s blessings may {item} return to me. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Light the candle and let it go to work for you. 

1 comment:

yada said...

I have dragon blood oil and attraction oil but no john the conqueror..should i wait to get that before doing this? Ive lost a special jewelery given to me and I need to find it asap..

thanks for this spell