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Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to Burn a Reversing-Candle Without a Reversing-Candle

Reversing-Candles a Review

Reversing candles are a special type of candle which are used to send evil, curses, and general negativity back to the sender. are comprised of two layers of wax. They are comprised of two layers of wax. The inner layer is red, while the outer layer is black. However, they are just as often sold commercially in the form of what appears to be two joined candles. The top portion is red while the bottom portion is black (see image at left). 

When utilized, the top portion of the candle is cut off turned upside down and new wick is carved out of the bottom portion. This process is called "butting the candle".  Next,  the enemy's name is carved on the candle so that the letters are reversed. It is then dressed with  Reversing Oil and burned on top of a mirror under which the name-paper or photograph of the enemy is placed faced down.

Lastly, the candle is lit with fervent prayer that all the evil that has been sent to you may now be sent back to the enemy. When burned,  the black wax melts down on the red wax symbolically overcoming the evil.  

Making Your Own Reversing Candles 

As stated above, reversing candles are sold commercially by online candle-shops, botanicas, and spiritual practitioners who burn them for clients.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes including Tapers, Jumbo Candles, and Vigil Lights. 

However, some folks prefer to make their own for a variety of reasons. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. They can't afford to purchase one. 
  2. For whatever reason, they do not have access to online shops or physical retailers where they can be purchased. 
  3. They prefer to make their own because it appeals to their sense of craftsmanship, artistry, and enhances the process of burning them. 

How to Make Your Own Reversing Candles 

Folks who make their own reversing-candles often purchase use red-candles and black ones. They cut up the black candles into small pieces and remove the wicks. The black wax is slowly melted over low heat and then herbs for reversing such as bay leaves, ginger, knot weed, devil's shoe string, red pepper are sprinkled over the wax. Finally, the red-candles are rolled through the black wax so that it adheres to the red-candle resulting in a candle that is black on the outside and red on the inside. 

Some folks may find this a messy process and, in some ways, I agree. The method I am about to share with you now was taught to me by one of my mentors early on in my spiritual journey. It utilizes a plain white-candle, red-yarn, and white yarn. 

Start with a plain, white-candle. Cut the tip off the top of the candle, turn it upside down and dig a new wick out of the bottom as previously described. Next, using a sharp knife, divide the candle in half by carving a groove all the way around the candle at its center. 

Cut a length of black yarn, put a bit of reversing oil on both your thumb and fore-finger and run the yarn between them transferring the oil to the yarn. Now, tie the black-yarn around the center of the candle and wrap it away from you moving up the candle and secure this with a pin. Cut a length of red-yarn and dress it with the reversing oil as before. Tie it around the center of the candle just under where the black-yarn begins and wrap around the candle towards you towards the bottom of the candle. This can then be secured with another pin or placed in the candle-holder in such as way that it holds the yarn in place.

Finally, place the candle on top of a mirror with your written-petition, photograph, etc... face down on top of the mirror (but also under the candle). The candle may then be lit as you make your prayer or petition and the candle is allowed to burn out as usual. 
Additional Applications 
This process may also be used with other colors for example, use green/black candles to reverse a money jinx or pink/black to reverse a love-jinx, etc...If you find that all you have are white candles and wish to incorporate color into your workings you can wind a piece of colored yarn around your candle (towards you to attract, or away from you to repel). 
Finally, even if you have the color of candle that you desire, you may still use this method in your own workings by using a secondary-color that compliments the working. For example, a yellow candle with green yarn (or vice versa) for a money-drawing ritual.

Carolina Dean 

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