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Monday, March 24, 2014

Mailbag Monday: Bad Teacher

Dear Carolina Dean, 

I am writing to ask for your help with my son. Let me explain. Gordon is enrolled in driving-school to learn how to drive. It is a very small class and students are paired up with one another as study-buddies, however, there is an odd number of students and Gordon is the odd-man-out. 

Gordon suffers from acute-anxiety for which he is seeing a doctor (who has prescribed Valerian-Root Tea). He tries really hard to pay attention in class but many of the other students are disruptive and the teacher seems to have a grudge against Gordon and resent him for asking questions. The teacher has even said that she believes Gordon to be a quitter and does not give him any support. My husband and I have spoken to the teacher on two occasions but things don't seem to have improved.

How can I use Hoodoo to help my son?



Hi Motivated and thanks for your question. 

In this instance, I would recommend a honey jar which includes the name of the teacher (written on paper, business card,  signature taken from a note, photograph, etc...) along with  five-finger-grass, calamus-root, licorice-root, comfrey, and wormwood. 

In addition, I would also glue the Square of Mercury to the front of the honey jar as Mercury rules over both communication and travel. In fact, I would even build the honey-jar and begin working with it on a Wednesday (which is ruled by Mercury).

Pink-candles (for friendship) dressed with Crown of Success Oil should be burned on the honey-jar three times a week (on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) as you sincerely pray Psalm 28

It should be noted that honey-jars are notoriously slow-acting, however, in my experience, you can see results inside a week by doing three things. They are:

  1. Place saltpeter in the honey-jar. 
  2. Placing the honey jar on top of an image of St. Expedite. 
  3. Burning three dressed tea-lights around the honey jar in a triangular patter to heat it up. 

Good Luck, and God Bless.

Carolina Dean

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