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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Review: Hoodoo Bible Magic

Sacred Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery

  • Authors: Miss Michael and Professor Charles Porterfield 
  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Missionary Independent Spiritual Church (May 5, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0996052313
  • ISBN-13: 978-0996052313
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.3 x 0.3 inches 

Before I begin my review, I would like to take a second to offer up praise to Greywolf Towsend and Charles Dawson, the graphic artists who designed the cover art for Hoodo Bible Magic (see image at left). The work they have done on this book is truly superb. The design is subtle, elegant, and truly powerful.      

Hoodoo Bible Magic is a book that was a long time coming. For many years folks have been content to work with the Psalms to bring them love, money, success, protection, etc...However, the Psalms is but one book of the Bible and many folks have long felt that the Bible held many more secrets to be discovered, shared, and used.  

 The authors of Hoodoo Bible Magic, both renowned Rootworkers with many years experience working with the Bible, have brought the ancient secrets of scriptural sorcery out of the darkness and ignorance of the past and into the light of the modern era. Here, they have presented the history and use of the Bible in the practice of folk-magic in a clear, ordered, and easily understandable manner. The authors have shown us that you can do far more with Bible verses than simply pray them. For example, in Hoodoo Bible Magic you will learn how to bathe with as well as to ingest bible verses to manifest your needs and desires.

In addition the book itself contains an overview of the historical use of the Bible in Hoodoo, great men and women of the Bible who used magic, profiles of famous rootworkers and how the Bible empowered their ministry and spiritual work, a quick reference guide to all 150 Psalms and their use in the practice of magic, and many Bible-based spells divided by category. As with many other books published by the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, the remainder of the book is taken up by a section of Frequently Asked Questions culled from the archives of the Lucky Mojo Forum.

Hoodoo Bible Magic is a book that will inform, guide, and empower both the seasoned practitioner as well as the novice-rootworker and I am sure that it destined to become a classic!

Carolina Dean 


Monday, June 23, 2014

Mailbag Monday: Strength of Personal Concerns

Dear Carolina Dean, 

I would like to make a fixed Doll Baby for a specific target to fall in love with me but the only personal effects I have of him is his name and pictures. Do you think those just having those things will be powerful enough to ignite a spirit in a doll? 


Alice Robeson 

Photo Credit: Public Domain
Dear Alice, 

Thank you for your question. What you ask is somewhat of a loaded question. It depends on who the target is, your relationship with him, as well as you access to him and geographical distance.

For example, I can surely print a photograph of Brad Pitt online and I am pretty confident that I can find his autograph and print it as well. But if I incorporate that into a doll, I have very little chance of making him love me.

Why? Because I do not personally know Brad Pitt; and Brad Pitt does not know me. How can he love someone he does not know? Brad Pitt does not live anywhere near me nor are we in communication with one another therefore I cannot observe him for signs that my hoodoo is working or not. At best he would pine for a love he does not know exists, which could be considered cruel.

Now let's say I am Brad Pitts maid. If I am his maid, I have access to his house. I can capture his hair or clothing. I can slip things in his food. I can lay powders in his home, and clean with washes etc..... I am in his sphere of life, so there is a remote possibility that I can make him love me.

So while I believe that a photograph is a good starting point (I've done more with less, myself) you have to ask yourself what kind of access do you have to this man? A doll with his photograph can get you closer. Perhaps a honey jar may be better suited? Or a mojo bag? However,  if there is any doubt it may be better for you at the outset to get a reading on the matter that includes rootwork advice so that you can make the most of your magic.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Funday: Creating Your Own Prayer Book

As I have written before, praying and prayers are powerful tools used in the practice of Hoodoo to effect changes in one's life and manifest your desires. Many practitioners who use Psalms and Prayers read them straight out of the Bible or out of a book such as "Secrets of the Psalms" or "Power of the Pslams". 

In addition, many spiritual practitioners who read the Bible often will usually find a particular piece of scripture that speaks to them on a deeply spiritual level with regard to a specific issue or condition. At other times they find prayers online written by other practitioners that they like or even write prayers of their own. I have even had instances myself whereupon I have spontaneously prayed for a specific person, issue, or condition and liked it so much I attempted to write down what I said as soon as I was able to in order to save the prayer to be used again at another time. 
With all these prayers we've collected from various sources it can be somewhat hard to keep them all in one place. Some folks are adverse to writing in their bible or even highlighting passages. While you can certainly type them up and put them in notebook, or write them in a diary; I have found what best works for me is something entirely different. 

When I set about to create my Personal Prayer Book, I purchased a small leather-bound 4" X 6" photo album that contained approximately 50 pages. Using a program such as Miscrosoft Word, I created a text box that was also 4 X 6 inches typed/ copied my prayer into that box, changed the font,added artwork, etc... and then printed it out. I then cut out the text box and slipped the page into the plastic sheet inside the photo album. 

I have found that when I am praying over items, I am also usually working with oils, herbs, waters, powders, etc...that can sometimes get messy and so the photo album concept is great because the plastic sheeting protects the page from getting damaged. I simply wipe the plastic off with a damp rag or sponge to keep it clean. 

I like this concept so much, I have even created little books for different purposes. For example, I have a recipe book in my kitchen for all my favorite recipes, and I even have a small Book of Shadows that contains all my favorite spells and rituals for when I am on the go. 

Mini Book of Shadows (Photo Album)

This is a great little weekend project you can do alone, with other magically minded people or even magical children. If your handwriting allows, you may even simply cut out the text box without typing anything inside it and then writing your prayer by hand in the space provided. I recall, as a child, that when we were learning how to write my grandparents had us copy verses out of the Bible. So if you been wanting to resurrect the lost art of handwriting this would be a great project for you.  


Carolina Dean 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gathering Personal Power: The Medicine Bag (UPDATED)

The medicine bag is a very personal tool, each item placed in an individual’s medicine bag represents another step along that person’s spiritual journey. There is some controversy among Native Americans concerning non-indigenous people co-opting their spiritual beliefs by carrying a medicine bag. However, it should be noted that the Medicine Bag is simply another form of fetish, no different than the Mojo Bag, Aladdin’s Lamp, or even the Catholic Rosary. Medicine Bags have been known throughout all cultures at different points in history.

The Medicine Bag is typically made out of leather and can be as large or as small as you like. If you make your medicine bag yourself it will be in harmony with your personal energy by virtue of the creative process. However, if you make your medicine bag from a kit or purchase one from a retailer, I suggest that you personalize the bag in some way to set it apart from others. For example, the medicine bag pictured about is what my bag looked like when I ordered it online. Nonetheless, I have since personalized it by trimming the fringe along the sides and adding beads to the thong.

There isn't a specific number of items that can go into a Medicine Bag, however all items must be able to fit into the bag without damaging the bag itself.  I personally believe that the first thing that should go into your bag should be a product of your body such as a lock of your hair, a baby-tooth, nail pairings, etc....because it contains your DNA and therefore a portion of your spirit.

Apart from that, the contents of a Medicine Bag will change as the individual moves forward along their spiritual journey. Each item placed in the bag will have some special meaning for the individual. Many will place things such as the metals, herbs, stones, elements, roots, totemic-representations, Saint Medals, incenses, powders etc... they feel resonate with them on a deeply spiritual level. Other items may include found objects, like feathers, stones, and shells; and items which commemorate a special event in one’s life, dried flowers which adorned the altar during one's wedding for example or maybe a pinch of dirt from a holy-site that resonates with the individual.

To begin accumulating items for one’s medicine bag, I suggest compiling a list of personal correspondences and obtain a symbol for each correspondence to be placed in your Medicine Bag. Remember that one’s Medicine Bag is cumulative, that is, things will be added to it or taken away as need arises, representing your spiritual journey. For example, the first item that went into my medicine bag that was not a products of my body was a penny from my year of birth. The value of a penny is one-cent which to me speaks of both my individuality as well as my oneness with all things. In addition, I have a cowrie shell in my medicine bag which resembles a mouth because I believe in the power and value of words and words are a very important part of my personal magical style and practice. In addition, I also have a silver mercury dime in my medicine bag because I was born under the sign of Virgo which is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules over communication and the written word which further resonates with my spirit.

I know of one medicine person who includes a pinch of every herb he works with in his medicine bag. For example the first time he worked with sage, he placed a small pinch of sage in his bag. The next time he worked with sage he did not add it to his bag because it already contained sage. Modern root-workers and spiritual practitioners who work with herbs and roots may wish to adopt this practice so as to build a relationship with the spirit of the herbs and roots with which they work.

Once you have gathered all of your personal symbols they should be ceremonially placed into your medicine bag and ritually blessed according to the teachings of your tradition, or your personal practices. After the blessing, I also suggest that you carry your medicine bag on your person and sleep with it near you for at least one moon cycle in order to bond with the bag and imprint it with your energies. Some individuals like to wear their Medicine Bag on a leather thong around their neck, while others prefer to carry them in their pocket and sleep with them under their pillow at night.

Medicine Bags are believed to act both passively and actively. The powers attributed to them include, enhancing your own natural talents, amplifying your magic, giving you strength, heightened senses, aiding in psychic development and connecting you to the spirit realm. It is also said to aid in healing of the mind, body, and spirit of the person who owns it and can also be worked like a doll-baby.  Medicine Bags can be used to direct energy by holding it in your hand and pointing it in the direction you wish energy to flow as you mentally focus on the intent and purpose of that energy; it can also be used like a rattle to raise energy for a variety of purposes by shaking it over objects, people, and things to set one's intentions to bless, heal, protect, cleanse, uncross, etc...

Carolina Dean