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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mailbag Monday: Strength of Personal Concerns

Dear Carolina Dean, 

I would like to make a fixed Doll Baby for a specific target to fall in love with me but the only personal effects I have of him is his name and pictures. Do you think those just having those things will be powerful enough to ignite a spirit in a doll? 


Alice Robeson 

Photo Credit: Public Domain
Dear Alice, 

Thank you for your question. What you ask is somewhat of a loaded question. It depends on who the target is, your relationship with him, as well as you access to him and geographical distance.

For example, I can surely print a photograph of Brad Pitt online and I am pretty confident that I can find his autograph and print it as well. But if I incorporate that into a doll, I have very little chance of making him love me.

Why? Because I do not personally know Brad Pitt; and Brad Pitt does not know me. How can he love someone he does not know? Brad Pitt does not live anywhere near me nor are we in communication with one another therefore I cannot observe him for signs that my hoodoo is working or not. At best he would pine for a love he does not know exists, which could be considered cruel.

Now let's say I am Brad Pitts maid. If I am his maid, I have access to his house. I can capture his hair or clothing. I can slip things in his food. I can lay powders in his home, and clean with washes etc..... I am in his sphere of life, so there is a remote possibility that I can make him love me.

So while I believe that a photograph is a good starting point (I've done more with less, myself) you have to ask yourself what kind of access do you have to this man? A doll with his photograph can get you closer. Perhaps a honey jar may be better suited? Or a mojo bag? However,  if there is any doubt it may be better for you at the outset to get a reading on the matter that includes rootwork advice so that you can make the most of your magic.


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