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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Funday: Creating Your Own Prayer Book

As I have written before, praying and prayers are powerful tools used in the practice of Hoodoo to effect changes in one's life and manifest your desires. Many practitioners who use Psalms and Prayers read them straight out of the Bible or out of a book such as "Secrets of the Psalms" or "Power of the Pslams". 

In addition, many spiritual practitioners who read the Bible often will usually find a particular piece of scripture that speaks to them on a deeply spiritual level with regard to a specific issue or condition. At other times they find prayers online written by other practitioners that they like or even write prayers of their own. I have even had instances myself whereupon I have spontaneously prayed for a specific person, issue, or condition and liked it so much I attempted to write down what I said as soon as I was able to in order to save the prayer to be used again at another time. 
With all these prayers we've collected from various sources it can be somewhat hard to keep them all in one place. Some folks are adverse to writing in their bible or even highlighting passages. While you can certainly type them up and put them in notebook, or write them in a diary; I have found what best works for me is something entirely different. 

When I set about to create my Personal Prayer Book, I purchased a small leather-bound 4" X 6" photo album that contained approximately 50 pages. Using a program such as Miscrosoft Word, I created a text box that was also 4 X 6 inches typed/ copied my prayer into that box, changed the font,added artwork, etc... and then printed it out. I then cut out the text box and slipped the page into the plastic sheet inside the photo album. 

I have found that when I am praying over items, I am also usually working with oils, herbs, waters, powders, etc...that can sometimes get messy and so the photo album concept is great because the plastic sheeting protects the page from getting damaged. I simply wipe the plastic off with a damp rag or sponge to keep it clean. 

I like this concept so much, I have even created little books for different purposes. For example, I have a recipe book in my kitchen for all my favorite recipes, and I even have a small Book of Shadows that contains all my favorite spells and rituals for when I am on the go. 

Mini Book of Shadows (Photo Album)

This is a great little weekend project you can do alone, with other magically minded people or even magical children. If your handwriting allows, you may even simply cut out the text box without typing anything inside it and then writing your prayer by hand in the space provided. I recall, as a child, that when we were learning how to write my grandparents had us copy verses out of the Bible. So if you been wanting to resurrect the lost art of handwriting this would be a great project for you.  


Carolina Dean 


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