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Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Root to Expose Another's Misdeeds...

 ...and Force them to Face the Consequences Thereof

Here's a root (spell) that can be used whenever a person has done something either immoral or illegal and think they got away with their actions, who use false justification to promote their cause and who have no remorse, refuse to apologize, or acknowledge what they did was wrong. For example, this person may be a serial cheater, a thief, a liar, or someone playing both sides of a situation. This root will draw negative attention to them and those drawn by it will see the object of the root for what he or she really is and she or he will be made to deal with the consequences of his or her sins. 

To work this root, you will need:

  • Photo of the Individual 
  • Magnifying Glass 
  • Four-Candles 
  • Salt 
  • Look Me Over Oil
  • Clarity Oil 
  • Crossing Oil

Begin by writing the name of the individual on the back of their photo 7 times. Turn the photo sideways and write whatever label you deem appropriate over their name also 7 times. For example, you may write cheater, thief, abuser, etc....If you do not have a photo, simply write out a name-paper as described

Put a dab of Crossing Oil on your fingertip and draw a large X across the photo from corner to corner saying: 

"(Name), I cross you now just as I cross this photo so that others will always see you for the (whatever) that you are. No more will you fool others, you now will be the fool. No more will you deceive others, you now will be deceived. Now more will you escape the consequences your misdeeds. Now the evil that you have done will undo you! In Jesus name. Amen." 

Place the photo face up on a flat surface. Place the magnifying glass over the face and then pour a circle of salt around the whole thing. Next, take four candles and dress them with a combination of Look Me Over Oil and Clarity Oil. Arrange the candles around the circle of salt at equidistant points. 

Symbolically speaking, the magnifying glass enlarges the individual and their misdeeds and makes them easier to see (the term "putting him under the microscope" comes to mind). The four candles represent the four directions and ensures the individual will have no one to turn to as attention is now drawn to them from every direction. The circle of salt prevents the individual from escaping and makes sure they stay and deal with the consequences of their misdeeds. 

Light the four candles and say:

"With God's blessings, may the light of truth shine upon (Name) so that others will see him/her for the (whatever) that s/he is. Where s/he made a fool of others let him/her now be the fool. Where s/he deceived others let him/her now be deceived. Where s/he thought s/he would escape punishment, let him/her now be held fast and made to answer for his/her sins and may the evil that s/he has done, undo him/her. In Jesus name. Amen." 

Finally, read Psalm 43 several times paying special attention to verse 3 (send out thy light...). When you are done, allow the candles to burn themselves out naturally. When they are spent, inspect any remains for signs of your work. 


Carolina Dean

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