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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Setting Lights: A Rootworker's Perspective

Praying Over a Candle
Setting Lights, or candle-altar service, is a service offered by many spiritual-workers and owners of candle-shops. The setting of lights entails the burning of a fixed Vigil-Candle on top of a client’s petition for a period of 7 to 9 days, however long it takes for the candle to burn. Each worker has his or her own process and today I would like to explain my methods in further detail.

All of my business is conducted through my website, and I have many choices of candle types to select from. Typically a client will purchase their candle and the payment comes to me via paypal. However, sometimes a client will email me first with a description of their issue or condition and I will recommend an appropriate candle.

Once I receive the order, the client is emailed a confirmation as soon as possible explaining that their candle will be lit the following day and to expect their report in 7-10 days. The reason for this is simple. I have a day job and am not home 24 hours a day to start candles the same day. If someone orders a candle at 2:00 am on a Tuesday I am sleeping. I will generally send them a confirmation that morning when I wake up. However, I do not have time to go through my process that day. Their candle will be prepared that evening when I return from work and lit the following morning (see below) 

Vigil Lights with Labels Attached 

The process begins when I print the paypal receipt containing all the client's information. I also print an appropriate label and glue it to a candle.  On a legal pad in which each page is dedicated to a specific client's candle I write down the following information which will form the basis of my candle-burn reports.

  • Name of Client: The person who ordered the candle. 
  • Email Address: The address I will be emailing the candle burn report 
  • Date Started: The day the candle was lit. 
  • Moon Phase: The Moon Phase and sign the moon occupies when the candle was lit. 
  • Date Ended: Obviously this area is left blank and filled in later.  
  • Moon Phase: Again this is filled in later. 
  • Number of Times Re-lit: How many times, if any, the candle went out and had to be lit again. This is usually represented by X's 
  • Target: I.E., the person the candle is intended to affect if not the client themselves. 
  • Notes: In this section I will note my observations about how the candle is burning. 

A Written Petition
The necessary herbs, roots, and oil(s) are then pulled down and set aside with the candle. If the client has not provided me with a petition, I write one up myself and set it aside. If the client has provided me with a written petition, that is also printed out and set aside. 

I then fix the candle with the herbs and dress it with the oils. The candle is then set on the altar with the petition underneath until the following morning as it is my preference that all candles fixed for positive purposes be lit first thing in the morning shortly before sunrise so that love, health, wealth, prosperty, etc... grow with the Sun.

Road Opener Candle Burning 
The following morning, I light the altar candles and incense on my altar and offer up my morning prayers. I then remove the client's petition from under their Vigil Light, and read it over carefully. I five spot the petition with a specific condition oil and then smoke it in incense as I pray for their cause. The petition is then folded and placed under the Vigil Light. The Vigil Light is sealed with prayer and by knocking on it three times. Finally the candle is lit and allowed to burn.

The candle is observed over the following days and I note my observations on the legal pad. When the candle is spent it is removed from the altar and placed in a designated spot in my office along with the sheet torn from the legal pad where I will write up the candle-burn report. The candle is photographed against a backdrop for clarity, the photograph is emailed to me an the candle is moved to my desk.

A Sign Leftover from the Candle 

At my desk I open up an email and transcribe all my notes into an email to the client in a clear, logical order. I explain how the candle burned, any sounds it may have made any odd occurrences, any signed left behind in the wax or herb matter, etc....All pictures are inserted into the email and / or added as attachments. Finally, I give the client a Spiritual Prescription, that is any follow up work that I recommend me done.  

In addition to the client, I always BCC a special email address which I have set up specially to archive all candle-burn reports (and tarot-readings) that I send out for record-keeping purposes. I also print these reports and place them in a special journal I keep as a hard-copy.

The clients petition is then burned and dropped inside the Vigil Light glass after which it is disposed of.

If I hear back from the client within three days, I will make a note of their feedback in the journal. If I do not hear back from the client within three days I send them a follow up email with a link to my online feedback form. If they chose to fill out the simple form, I will make note of their feedback in the journal. If they do not fill out the form, I will not ask again.


Carolina Dean 

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