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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Modern Magic: The Best Apps for Rootwork & Rootworkers

I've talked about the use of modern technology in the past before. For instance, how you can use computer programs to manipulate a person's signature, alter their photograph, or create a sigil. Today, however, I would like to share with you some of my favorite apps (applications) that I personally use in my rootwork practice and which I feel helps me to be the best rootworker that I can be.   

Notes Master 

Notes Master is exactly what it sounds like. It is a tool for making notes in your iphone.  Some of its features include the ability to create different categories / files for notes, to password protect each category or only selected categories. You can insert multiple photos from your phone directly into your notes, format text, and have several options for background styles. In addition, you have the options to share notes directly from the app to an email address or post directly to facebook; print from your phone to a wireless printer, or change a note from one category to another. The best feature of Notes Master, however, is that it syncs directly with your google drive or dropbox account with a simple set up.

I use notes master in my rootwork practice to write candle burn reports for my clients. I have a file specifically for candle burn reports with subfolders for each individual client / candle. I use the app to insert data  such as the client's information, dates, observations, and photos. When I am ready to finalize my report and email it to my client, I simply go to my google drive and copy my notes into an email to my client. Before Notes Master, I kept hand-written notes on a legal pad which I transcribed into an email. I also had to take the candle photo, email it to myself, download it and then add it to my report. Incorporating Notes Master into my practice has streamlined my process and allowed me to provide my clients with their report faster. At only $3.99, I find Notes Master to be an invaluable resource.  


Iluna is an interactive astrological calender. This app allows you to quickly determine the moon phase, moon sign, and if the moon is void-of-course.  In my practice, I like to work with different aspects of the moon. For example, if you are working a coercive spell on an individual, I was taught that you begin your work when the moon is in that person's sun sign; or if you are working to draw money and you quickly check your calender to find that the moon is waning--- in this case I would shift my focus from drawing money to banishing debt.

iLuna is the perfect app for getting the information that I need quickly and in a format that I understand. The only thing about iLuna that I do not like is that on the monthly calendar the week starts on Monday rather than Sunday but it is only a minor annoyance until you get used to the foreign format. iLuna cost $1.99 in the app store. 

Time-Passages Pro

Speaking of astrology Time Passages is probably the best astrological app I have found in the app store. It offers a plethora of astrological information from the current moon phase, moon sign, if the moon is void-of-course, if and when Mercury (or other planets) is retrograde is and it allows you to cast charts for yourself and others and compare those two charts.  By clicking on headings, you can see what certain planetary positions or aspects mean for you. For those interested in horary astrology you can get a current astrological chart for your time and place at the touch of a button.  

I am not a professional astrologer, but I have been studying astrology off and on for about as long as I have been studying the Tarot only slightly less enthusiastically.  However, with the advent of computers and smartphones it has become increasingly easy to gain useful information about the stars to help with daily life. I use Time Passages in my rootwork practice to determine how Mercury Retrograde will affect me or clients, and sometimes I draw up charts on my clients to better understand them, their needs, their challenges, and their relationships. Time-Passages Pro cost about $30.00 but there is also a free version with less features and more advertisements. 

VA Recorder 

VA Recorder is a voice-activated recorder. I love the fact that it does not record continuously but rather only records when there is sound to record. You can set the intensity of the sound you'd like to record so that it only records when the strength of the sound exceeds that intensity. Not only can you record sound, but you can also save it to your phone and email the sound file to another party.

I use VA Recorder when I am doing tarot readings by email. I have sometimes found that when I perform a tarot reading for a client that it interrupts my flow to constantly stop to type out my thoughts, feeling, intuitions about the card spread before me. With VA Recorder, I simply do my reading as if my client is sitting right across from me and then I got back and transcribe what I have said. In some instances, I have clients who suffer from vision problems and so they get the sound file at no extra charge.  The only drawback with VA Recorder is that when I save the sound file to my computer I have to use a third party service to change the file type to something that is compatible with my Acer Chromebook if I want to listen to the file myself.  Those who have a PC will not likely have this issue. VA Recorder cost $1.99 in the app store. 

Lenormand ! 

Lenormand!, aka the Dondorf Lenormand is one of many apps developed and offered through The Fool's Dog LLC.  It cost $2.99 in the app store and offers the convenience of being a resource for learning Lenormand (especially on the go), as well as being a useful tool for drawing daily cards, doing readings for yourself or others if you don't have a deck or simply do have access to one at the time.  

It offers several different options for personalizing the app from which cards to use, whether you want to use reversals, the card style, how to shuffle and cut, whether to draw from the top or bottom of the deck, and offers voice prompts! You can also personalize the app by editing the meanings associated with the various cards; and you can even choose which meanings you want the app to display for readings, either the standard ones or your new edited ones. 

Lenormand also has a built in journal which keeps an account of all your activity but also includes the option of deleting any entries in your journal.  It comes complete with an 87 page booklet with an Introduction to the Lenormand.  The Fool's Dog also offers a similiar app Tarot! with the same features and which focuses on the tarot-reading with the Rider-Waite-Smith deck and there are apps associated with many other decks as well.


InstaSize is a photo sharing app similar to instagram. Like instagram, it allows you to post pictures to social media platforms such as facebook and instagram itself, however, it offers a few special features that instagram does not. For example, InstaSize allows you to post larger pictures, that instagram simply will not, by resizing them. It also has its own set of filters and gives you the choice to post to instagram, directly to facebook, or to save a photo to your camera roll to post at a later time.

The best feature of InstaSize, in my opinion, is that it allows you to add text to your pictures. I use Instasize in my practice to post pictures of my work which I have watermarked with my own name and / or website address to my facebook business page as well as my instagram account. This helps me build my brand and prevents other folks from stealing my photos and claiming them as their own.


While some folks may not like these apps due to cost, keep in mind that many developers often offer free versions of their apps with less features and which include annoying ads. If you are interested in any of these apps, considering use the free version before making your purchase

Use the comment section below to let us know what apps, if any, you find useful in your magical practice.


Carolina Dean