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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Container Spells

Container spells are similar to bottle spells in that they are spells which are housed in some form of container. Common containers include bottles, jars, boxes, but also blown out egg shells or even potted plants. However, doll babies and mojo-bags may also be considered a type of container spell.

The container may be decorated beforehand to indicate its specific purpose or to identify the person that it is intended to affect. This is especially helpful if you have several container spells and wish to quickly identify them. Otherwise they may also be left plain and un-decorated.

Items placed in a container spell often resonate with the purpose or intended outcome of the spell. In the case of a love spell to draw a lover, certain herbs, roots, seals, curios, personal concerns of your targeted individual, as well as your petition, and any other items deemed necessary will be placed in the container. Each item will be prayed over, and possibly dressed with a specific condition oil, for its specific purpose as it is placed in its container. When all items have been placed in the container, it is ritually sealed and prayed over.

In my personal practices, I typically use tea-lights to ritually seal a container spell. Tea lights are known to burn hotter than regular candles. If the container spell is for a positive purpose I place three tea-lights around the container in the form of an upright triangle. If the purpose of the container is to move something away or for a negative end such as enacting revenge on an enemy the candles form an upside down triangle. A fourth tea-light will be placed on top of the container.

The "triangle" candles are lit one at a time in the name of the Father (light first candle), the Son (light the second candle), and the Holy Spirit (light the third candle). Finally, the tea-light on top of the container is lit and you make your prayer or petition. I also have incense burning on the altar during the ritual to carry my prayer to heaven.

What is done with the container afterward depends on the purpose of the spell. For instance, if it is to hot-foot an individual away it may tossed into running water, buried or left at a crossroads, etc..; if, however, it is for some type attracting or drawing something to you such as money or love it may be given a place on your altar where the container may be "worked" at regular intervals by burning candles on or around it, shaking it while making your petition, or praying over the container. In some instances, it may be buried on your property at the base of a strong tree to continually work for you drawing power from the living tree.

A Cursing Container Spell

This is one of my favorite conjures for enacting revenge on an enemy. I like working with dolls, especially for dealing with strong enemies or for doing enemy work over long periods of time. Once I have a doll made of my enemy, I will gather my container, petition, herbs, roots, personal concerns, etc...

The herbs, roots, petition, etc... will be placed inside the container which I have decorated and prepared before hand. Typically I will stick the doll full of pins all over the body as I announce my curses upon the head of my enemy and praying for their downfall. When I am done, the doll will be placed inside the container upside down (similar to the practice of burying bodies upside down in the belief that the dead in trying to dig their way out of the grave would dig deeper into the earth).

The container is sealed (this may or may not be permanent). In the case of permanently sealing the lid, I usually place glue on the inside of the lid before placing the screw-on lid back on the jar or container. I don't always permanently seal the lids on the container so that I can add items to it or take out the doll and and "work" it occasionally.

The container is placed in the center of three candles which form an upside down triangle as described earlier. The candles are lit and the container shaken violently as I make my prayer or call down curses on my enemy. As the container is shaken, the doll inside is violently thrown against the inside walls of the container and the pins are driven further into the body.

Afterward the container is hidden in a dark place at the back of a closet or cabinet. In some cases it may be placed on the floor behind the toilet. The container is brought out again at regular intervals (such as at the waning moon, when the moon is in the enemy's sun sign, or simply when you are in a bad mood) and shaken violently while calling down your curses again.

Once your container spell has served its purpose it may be disposed of. How you dispose of your container will largely depend on what the it was used for.I strongly suggest that you dispose of your doll in a manner consistent with the work. If the container was for a positive purpose and worked well for you, it should not come to a violent end such as burning or being thrown in water but rather buried with honor. If you are unsure of how to dispose of your doll, perform a divination or petition your spirits for answers.

Happy Hoodoo-ing!

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