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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Law of Attraction Tarot Spread

The Law of Attraction tarot-spread is of my own creation and I have been developing it over the last few weeks.  After practicing it on myself, friends, and offering free readings to potential clients of my rootwork practice I feel that it is a very good spread and would like to share it with you, my readers, today. 

Review: Definition of Terms 

Law of Attraction: A belief that a person will attract and manifest that which they focus their conscious as well as their subconscious thoughts on. 

Tarot Spread: A Spread is a term used to describe the pattern in which Tarot-Cards are laid out after shuffling them and prior to reading them. Usually, but not always, each position in a spread signifies an area of life, a feeling, one's thoughts, or a specific time period such as the past, present, or future. The meaning of a tarot card is read according to its position in the spread.

The Law of Attraction Tarot Spread 

Use this spread to identify your thoughts and feelings in general or about a specific subject and see how your thoughts are manifesting your reality and what you can do to improve your condition or situation. 

The Spread 

  1. This card represents you at the moment. It is not chosen beforehand, it is a part of the reading. 
  2. This card represents your feelings. 
  3. This card represents your thoughts 
  4. This card represents what you are manifesting. 
  5. This represents what you should do to address your condition. If card #4 is of a positive nature, this card indicates how you can continue to manifest that which is positive. 
  6. This represents the outcome.

Sample Reading 

Our question comes from "Jack", he states that he is "unlucky in love", that he cannot meet anyone or that the women he does meet he can't seem to get close to. He would like to know how he can improve his condition.

The Cards 


The five of wands tells me that you are a person who has a great deal of conflict at the moment about your situation. You want love and a relationship, however, you are hesitant to position yourself to be both physically and emotionally present and available so that you can receive love. 

The five of pentacles represents what you are feeling. This is not a happy card. Your loneliness is tangible and manifests as depression and bitterness.  Notice how one figure in the card is looking down and another is looking up and neither is looking ahead of themselves.  You don't really envision a future for yourself in which anything has changed. 

The three of swords represent what you are thinking. Again, this is not a happy card. It represents pain and suffering. I feel like your thoughts are centering on a past break up or a lost love that you are not completely over.  Like the swords stuck in the heart, you are stuck in a certain mindset. When two people break up or end their relationship for whatever reason there is a sense of loss in many cases and one or both parties goes through a grieving process from which they eventually move on. However, it would seem that you have become stuck in the grieving stage and have not yet moved on. 

The Ten of Swords represents what you are manifesting. Based on this card, I would venture to say that your last relationship ended due to infidelity on the part of your partner leaving you feeling dejected, defeated and betrayed. This has resulted in your inability to trust anyone or get close to them for fear of being betrayed again. This is the source of the internal conflict mentioned earlier.  

The Star represents what you can do to improve your ameliorate your condition. Just like the female figure in the card who has removed her clothes, you must remove these negative thoughts and beliefs. While you believe that these thoughts protect you from getting hurt again, they also keep you stuck in the grieving phase unable to move on and heal. The first thing I want you to do is stop thinking of yourself as "unlucky in love", instead I want you to think of yourself as lucky in love. I want you to practice saying affirmations both out loud as well as internally. You may want to say something such as "Every time I turn around there's a new attractive woman who wants to date me" or " I frequently and effortlessly attract single, beautiful women". I am also recommending a series of spiritual bath for healing and road opening to help you move forward. 

The Two of Cups represents the outcome of following the advice of the cards. I would have preferred to see The Lovers here, but this is also a very good omen. Many readers have a tendency to see the images in the Tarot as external influences, and they often are; but sometimes that are also internal influences. In the beginning of this reading the five of wands spoke of your internal conflict, but with the two of cups your internal forces (thoughts and feelings) are working together for you rather than against you. I also feel that this augurs that you will meet someone that with whom you are compatible. Success often comes in degrees so while she may not be "the one", she will help you to heal and move forward so that you know that love is not only possible but inevitable. 


Carolina Dean 

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