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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Abate Weight: Weight Loss Workings with Rootwork

Before I begin this blog entry let me begin by saying that no spell, ritual, or working alone will cause you to lose weight (especially a large amount of weight.) In fact, losing a substantial amount of weight takes time but the formula is pretty simple: eat less + exercise more + patience = weight loss. However, you should always consult your doctor or physician before beginning any weight loss program 

I would also like to say that in addition to the workings below as well as eating less and increasing my physical activity I have lost 8 pounds in the last 6 weeks myself. My magical regimen for weight loss is three fold and is made up of the following:

  • Daily Prayer / Affirmations 
  • Weekly Fat Flush Spiritual Bath 
  • Monthly Abate Weight Candle Spell 

Daily: Prayer / Affirmations

My day starts with the following prayer:

"Help me O Lord to refrain from defiling the temple of my body for the sake of food, but rather to release every weight and sin that clings to me and run with endurance the race set before me. In Jesus name. Amen."

This prayer is taken from two verses in the Bible. They are Hebrews 12:01 and Romans 14:20 

Weekly: Fat Flush Spiritual Bath 

Make a tea of Hyssop and pour this into a warm bath. Place a few drops of Cast off Evil oil in the bath. Remove your clothing and sit in the bath for a few minutes. When you are ready,  sincerely recite these words or something similar:

"Have mercy upon me, o God, according to your loving kindness, according to the multitude of they tender mercies blot out my transgression.  For I acknowledge my transgression, and my sin is ever before me. Behold I am shapen in iniquity. Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse from from my sin.  Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean, wash me and I shall be white than snow. In Jesus name. Amen."  

Your may recognize these words from Psalm 51, though they have been slightly re-arranged to suit our purpose. 

Next, using a cup or bowl scoop up some water and pour it over your head over and over saying:

"As the water runs down, wash away the unhealthy fat from my body. As the water runs down, wash away the temptation to overeat, the temptation to be lazy, the temptation to accept my present condition as it is when I know it can be better.  As the water runs down, cleanse me in mind, body, and spirit; strengthen my resolve and empower me to achieve my weight loss goal. In Jesus name. Amen."

Rise and step out of the tub. Dress in clean clothing and capture a small portion of your used bath water. This is to be carried to a strong, old tree where it is poured over the roots asking the tree to take your fat and grow. 

Monthly: Abate Weight Candle Spell 

When the Moon is Full, take a yellow- candle and carve the amount of weight that you wish to lose in the wax (be reasonable). Incidentally, I chose yellow not for it's traditional color symbolism but rather because whenever I have seen images of body fat it appears to be yellow. Therefore, in this case the candle represents your own body fat. 

Dress the candle with Cast off Evil Oil and then rub it over your body where you want to lose weight. You know your own problems areas, but they are typically the stomach, buttocks, double-chin, the inner thighs, and upper arms, etc....

Set the candle in a holder. Light it and say:

"With God's blessings and assistance, as this candle burns so may I successfully burn those calories necessary for healthy weight loss; as it melts away, so may the unhealthy fat melt off my body. As the moon above wanes, so may I shrink down to my target weight of (target weight). In Jesus name. Amen." 

When the candle burns down, dispose of any remains off of your property. 


As stated above. There is no spell, ritual,  or working that will make you lose weight without also making positive changes that include diet and exercise. However, the spells and workings above will help support you in the spirit of your goal. 


Rev. Carolina Dean 

PS: I should also mention that I carrying a weight-loss mojo bag of my own design to assist me in my weight loss goal. I entertained the idea of sharing the recipe here, but once I am successful and know the mojo works for me (and so far it has), I may offer it for sale to others through Carolina Conjure.