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Saturday, May 14, 2016

MIPC: The Sigils of Zozie de l'alba

"What you need, is a system."
Zozie de l'Alba, 

Background: Zozie de l'Alba (not her real name) is a character in The Lollipop Shoes, the second book in the Chocolate Series by Joanne Harris. The first being Chocolat and last being Peaches for Father Francis.  

Zozie is hard to describe because she is not one woman, but many. She is a witch, a chaoist, a shapeshifter, identity thief, con artist, murderess, and lover of shoes....but she is also a tragic character with her own story that makes her quite likable and empathetic. If they ever make a movie out of this book, I see her being played by a young Barbara Carrera who has played witches with style and flair in the past. 

As I stated above, Zozie is a witch who has taken an eclectic approach to her use of magic. Her three main sources of power and manipulation (i.e. her system) are reading colours, i.e., auras; her fingerings (sigils) and she can also tell a lot about people by their shoes using her observations as a sort of character analysis to size up a person. But this is less of a power and more of a skill. Finally, it should be noted that she has the charisma and skills associated with non-magical con-arstists and manipulators. 

This blog entry will focus on her fingerings which are somewhat ambiguous in and of themselves. First of all, they are sometimes referred to as symbols being drawn in the air, on objects, etc.... and other times they are referred to as gestures, but this may be a question of semantics on the part of the author. 

Secondly they are never fully described, or described only vaguely. For example, the sign of Lady Blood Moon is described as a red circle; but One Monkey is described as a  broken cross. For the purposes of this blog, the symbols you see at the top of this article are my own interpretation of Zozie's Sigils. By now you may be thinking, "Lady Blood Moon", "One Monkey" these are strange names; however these are actually deities associated with MesoAmerican myth and lore for which Zozie has an affinity. I have removed any references to these deities in this article and will focus only on their practical applications. Even Zozie herself says that the names are unimportant so long as you know what the symbols mean. 

The Sigils of Zozie de l'Alba....

(See image above left to right, top to bottom) 

  • Ear of Maize- wealth, riches, prosperity, sacrifice. 
  • Smoking Mirror- illusions, revelations, allows you to see things that others do not. 
  • One Jaguar- strength, power, protection 
  • Two Rabbit- good luck, fortune, increase 
  • Lady Blood Moon- desire, seduction, enchantment 
  • Rabbit Moon- love, fertility, growth, birth, increase 
  • Cactus- helps you unlock secrets, gain the trust of others, prophecy
  • Huracan- destruction, curses, black magic, the breaking down force in the universe 
  • Seven Macaw- success, achievement. 
  • Changing Wind- change, movement, send someone away 
  • Fish- fast-breaker, home, hearth, personal treasures and protection thereof. 
  • Rain Bringer- rain, life giver. 
  • One Monkey- trickster, mischeif maker, deception 
  • Eagle Snake- power, education, knowledge, skill. 

How the Sigils are Used 

Over the course of the Lollipop Shoes, Zozie is shown to drawn the sigils in the air before or around nearby people to affect them, or on objects. She may draw a single sigil to produce an affect or they may be combined to produce a variety of affects. For example, in one instance she draws the Huracan (hurricane) on a piece of chocolate which another character eats and brings about his own ruin. In another instance she draws Ear of Maize along with Lady Blood Moon over the lintel of a door to draw steady customers and a flow of money to the business. Finally, there is another instance in which the Ear of Maize is drawn on the palm of character's hand allowing him to attract money. 

Once drawn, the sigils are said to glow for a few seconds with a light which is said to be seen only by other witches or people with the power of second sight their power taking affect when the glow has faded. In most instances the colors associated with Zozie's sigils are red and green, but I have drawn a few in black and blue as well. 

Real World Applications 

I first read the Lollipop Shoes several years ago and began experimenting with developing symbols for Zozie's Sigils and using them in my own life and I have to say that when used with intent they have a high success rate. I see them as being similar to the Futhark Runes which are also often drawn in the air and on objects to produce magical effects. To flesh out my own understanding of and associations with them, I have drawn correlations between Zozie's sigils and other magic symbols. For example, I associate the Huracan with the Tower in the Tarot; Ear of Maize is similar to Feoh in the Runes, etc....

Since I am a writer, words are often very important to me no matter what form of magic I am practicing so when I use Zozie's sigils, I often frame my intent not only with my choice of sigil(s) by also by either speaking out loud or internally words which reflect my intended goal. 

For example, I may draw Ear of Maize and Two Rabbit on my debit card or paper money and say "I am now attracting a continuous flow of money.  It comes to me from sources known and unknown so that all my needs are met and more."  

In other instances I may draw the Smoking Mirror along with the sign of Cactus over my divination tools for insight and prophecy while saying "Spirit, please provide me with information about X that is both truthful and will be of assistance to me {or client's name}. Amen." 

Finally, I may invoke the Changing Wind to transform red lights to green whispering: "I summon, stir, and call forth the changing wind to open the way before me that I may move forward along my journey. And it is so." 

After the sigil is drawn,  I spend a few seconds visualizing the symbols glowing with a brilliant light and once the image fades I move on and let the power go to work....for once a wish, or even a curse, is uttered you must believe that God will make it so. 



Amelie Winchester said...

thank you for writing all this!! i'd been hoping to find a list of all of zozie's sigils and tricks ever since i read the lollipop shoes 2 years ago! thank you heaps again (and hope you continue to do more joanne harris related stuff! haha) blessed be!

Amelie Winchester said...

thank you for writing all this!! i'd been hoping to find a list of all of zozie's sigils and tricks ever since i read the lollipop shoes 2 years ago! thank you heaps again (and hope you continue to do more joanne harris related stuff! haha) blessed be!