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Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Spirit House for the Ancestors

This is an easy, fun, and creative weekend project that you can do to create a warm, friendly, inviting environment within your home for your Ancestors.

Review: What is a Spirit House

A spirit house serves as a dwelling place for a disembodied entities and a means through which the magician can communicate with them.  They may take the form of a pot, a wooden-box, a jar, or even a doll.

Spirit Houses are not entirely unique among magical practitioners in that they are found in many magickal traditions where humans have contact with non-physical beings. Examples of spirit houses include the European Spirit-Box; the Govi of Vodoun; the Prenda/Nganga of Palo; the Geni Lamp in Arabic tales; the Brass-Vessel associated with Solominc rites; a mojo bag; or even a spirit-doll. It would be difficult to compare and contrast each of these types of spirit-vessels, therefore I will focus on those things which they have in common.

Each object consist of some type of receptacle inside which an additional object, or objects, are contained. In some instances a few of these contained objects are not only traditional but also required.  For example, a properly prepared and consecrated Nganga will should always contain 21 sticks from various trees, among other things.

In other cases, that which goes inside a spirit-house will depend on the purpose that it is to accomplish. For example, a European Spirit-Box calls for quartz crystal and red thread in addition to anything associated with one's ancestors such as their belongings, grave-dirt, cremation ashes, photos, etc..... On the other hand a Solomonic brass-vessel will often require the sigil of the spirit and a drawing of the spirit,  as well as herbs and offerings associated with the spirit. Mojo bags, doll-babies, and spirit-bottles fall into this category as well.

Creating Your Spirit House

To make my spirit house, I purchased a cheap chipboard birdhouse from Walmart for .99 cents. To begin, I used a lead pencil to write out a prayer on the roof of the birdhouse to invite in my ancestors which included specific names of Ancestors that I wish to invite into the house. Finally, I also drew sigils for money, love, and protection around the door because this spirit house will also act as a sort of simulacrum or “voodoo doll” of your own home; that is whatever happens to the spirit house will also happen to your own house.

The next step entails painting the house and before I did this I put a very tiny drop of certain condition oils into my paint such as Peaceful Home and Money House Blessing.

Next, I stuffed  a mojo bag containing bread crumbs (food), salt (money), a holy cross (protection), and a prayer paper (the same prayer which written on the birdhouse) into the bird house .

Finally, the birdhouse was placed on the Ancestor Altar along with several lit candles and a brandy sniffer full of cool water to act as offerings for the Ancestors.  The names of Ancestors were called out one by one and  invited to settle into the house and bring with them their wisdom, knowledge, experience, love, protection and energy to the home.

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