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Monday, July 4, 2016

A Ritual of Thanksgiving to Increase Your Blessings

"The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will be grateful for."
Zig Ziglar 

Most folks are familiar with the seven knob candle and it's use in making wishes come true. To use such as candle a person will typically carve either one wish on each knob or a seven different wishes on each knob. The candle is then dressed, or anointed, with a condition oil which corresponds to your wish(es) and one knob is burned each night for seven nights. Hint: the candle flame is pinched out in between knobs rather than blown out. 

Some folks like to time their spells with the phases of the moon. So to draw about their wish they would start the ritual on the night of the New Moon or shortly thereafter so that their wish will come to them as the moon waxes or grows. 

Alternately if your wish is to move something away from you, then you would start your ritual on the night of the Full Moon so that whatever you name will shrink away from you as the moon wanes. 

Instead of using this type of candle to bring about a wish, why not use it to count your blessing? Take a blue seven knob candle and etch one thing for which you are grateful on each knob. If you do not have a seven knob candle, you can use a plain offertory candle. Divide the candle in seven equal section by sticking 7 pins through the candle. (Seven pins would divide the candle into 8 sections, so the 7th pin goes through the wick). In place of writing your gratitude list on the candle itself, you can write a list on a piece of paper, dress this with Blessing Oil and place this under the candle. 

Dress the candle with Blessing Oil and burn one knob a night each night as the moon grows and offer up a prayer of thanksgiving. If you are the type who struggles with prayer, you can read Psalm 23 from a place of gratitude.   On the final night, burn your gratitude list in the flame of the candle and watch your blessings increase!